What do you do When a Girl Gives You Gonorrhoea ? This Man Killed Her!

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It has happened to some of us.


You meet a girl; think she is too clean to have a disease so you dive in raw.

Before you say “gbensh”, you have gotten a disease from the girl you thought was too “tush” to even  have cough.


Well, it happened to Ekanem, but he didn’t let it slide.


32 year old Ekanem was dating a girl called Edith Owei who is 27 years old.They had been going on for about 6 months.


After he found out he had contracted gonorrhoea, he lured her to Minna in Niger State and murdered her in a hotel room.The victim had allegedly lied to her parents that she was going to the University to get her call-up letter

Learn all about condom usage here.


You are welcome.

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