Ghanaian African Wear Styles for Men

2 ghanian men in Kente Fabric

Ghanaian Men are one of the most interesting style in the whole continent of Africa.The latest male fashion in Ghana is hot and classy and you should take a leaf of these stylish men’s book!

Style unites us. No matter our culture, traditions or way of life, style breaks through every boundary, cut across cultures and unites us. We have come from a long way off to a place where, we as Africans, can now incorporate each other traditional styles and mode of dressing. As Africans, Our native wears are embraced and worn by other tribe and other African nations. That is the pride we have in our African wears. From the Isi Agu cloth of the Igbo people to the Adire of the Yoruba land to the Kente of the Ghana Land to the maasai print of the kenya land our style unites us.

Kente Styles for Weddings

When it comes to style and Africans wears, Ghana has taken us by surprise as their styles has stealthily found its way into the fashion scene and continue to inch closer and closer to becoming a style icon in Africa.

Today we will delve into styles coming from our Ghanaian neighbors. Africans had almost lost their culture to the western styles for some decades as there was once a time we thrived to keep up with everything western. However we have seen a great turn around as we have come to wholesomely embrace our own culture and traditional wears, which have seen even the western world even emulating from us.

Ghanaian African wears for men have shifted from their old traditional styles which was mainly traditionally made shirts  to the more recent styles of trousers and matching shirts made from the Ankara materials which has taken over in the men’s fashion world.

With fabrics like the Kente, Batakari, Gonja, Ghana has no doubt, earned a place in fashion on the world map.

Ghanaian African styles for men: The kente

Amongst all the other traditional Ghanaian cloths, the kente fabric remains the most popular fabric used to create stylish traditional Ghanaian attires. Both the men and women folk wear this fabric. The fabric is an interesting one as it is characterized by different patterns which is created in the process of weaving fibre palms and more interestingly, each of the colors has a meaning to it.

How to wear:

A large piece of the cloth is draped across one shoulder, while the other is used to wrap around the waist. This is a typical and traditional Ghanaian style for men. The attire could lend an idea into the wearer’s social status and is also popularly worn to weddings and other important ceremonies. However, the Ghanaian African wears style for men using the Kente cloth has also been remodeled to suit the younger and well, more stylish generation. The Kente can be used to create outfits such as more stylish shirts, blazers and really nice trousers.

African Wear Styles

Another stylish way to wear the kente cloth is to make them into simple, round necked short sleeved shirts, complimented with really good trousers. Not every man loves or considers long sleeve shirts stylish. So this will go perfectly with the man who is more comfortable in short sleeves. A well cut and tailored shirt made from the Kente cloth is really nice to wear. These can be worn to ceremonies or even to the office on a Friday

Ghanian African Wear Styles

The V neck Ghana shirt : This style can be pulled by any man. It is simple, stylish and comes in both long sleeve and short sleeves. The neck line of the shirt is decorated with well-crafted needle work to make it more stylish and it is perfect for weddings and every occasions. This is a perfect example of simple, yet classy.

The round necked / simple collar simple long sleeve shirt with buttons Kente Designs

kente long sleeved shirt

To get the best of this design, the shirt shout be made fitted to suit the body structure of the wearer. This style is really popular with Ghanaian men. The shirt has buttons fitted in front, all the way down to the length of the shirt which usually stops just slightly above the knees. To compliment this look , a pair of nicely cut trousers will be best.

Latest Male Fashion in Ghana: Kaftan

African men love their Kaftan no doubt. You see, the trick for wearing a kaftan or making one is to be sure it perfectly suits your body. The kaftan is another Ghanaian African wear style for men. For a more stylish look, most men go for embroideries around the neck, chest area and wrist. However, a kente cloth can be stylishly added   to make this design unique.

The colors on the kente cloth each represents a meaning and worn for specific purposes. The red color represents blood, political and spiritual feelings. It is worthy to note that making them into other attires such as shirts or blazers do not make less of what the cloth represents. The kente is well known beyond the shores of Ghana as other cultures have incorporated this stylish cloth into their own native wears too.

Ghanaian African wears for men: The Gonja cloth

The Gonja cloth has its roots from the northern Ghana. It is made by locally dyeing cotton cloths which is then weaved with black or blue threads, leaving a white and black stripped pattern.  It is a Ghanaian African wear for the men which is made by traditionally dyeing cotton cloth then weaving it with either black or blue thread which is then sewn into shirts and fitted with embroidery at the neck. The embroidery is usually done with a white and black thread or white and blue. For a more stylish look, the gonja shirt should be worn with dark colored trousers or shorts and for a more spiced up look, with the traditional kufi cap.

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