Fuel Scarcity in Nigeria| The Surprising Reason Fuel Scarcity May Continue Till the End of Month


Even as  NNPC has called of their indefinite strike, there are indications that the fuel scarcity currently plaguing Nigerians may linger till the end of the month of March before easing off.

This was confirmed byTokunbo Korodo,the  south-west chairman of Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG)

According to him, the reason for this is that the loading of petrol at both NNPC depots and private depots were very slow

In his words

“The pace of loading of fuel at NNPC depots in Mosinmi and Ejigbo is very slow as most tankers drivers that wanted to load left the depots with nothing,” he said.


“Even at private depots where they sell above the ex-depot price, the pace of loading is very slow. Presently, we need massive loading of petrol nationwide to get over the present scarcity.


“I am imploring the government to improve on supply of fuel to all depots nationwide so that our tanker drivers can get the product and transport it to filling stations.”

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