Gumbull Realty; A Tried & Trusted Real Estate Company

gumbull realty is nigeria's most trusted real estate company

On today’s episode of verified company of choice, we would be taking a look at Gumbull Realty. This is necessitated by the many requests we get from our loyal readers. Some are in Nigeria but a lot are in the diaspora. Most of the questions to end in these 2;

What Real Estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria can I trust?

Who are the top real estate agents/consultants in Lagos, Nigeria?

As much as I would like to give you a long list of real estate companies I can trust , I can only mention the one I have used, bought from and don’t have issues with and that is Gumbull Realty. Gumbull Realty is my tried and trusted real estate company in Nigeria that I will recommend anytime , anyway.

My Experience with Gumbull Realty

Gumbull Realty is a real estate company that is based in Lagos. My first time using their services was when I wanted to purchase a land in Lagos. I spoke to one of their consultants- a certain Josephine Stevens who guided me through the process. What I admire most about them is the transparency and honesty. Despite the persistence in ensuring the sales pulled through, I noticed that they were very interested in ensuring that I get the very best property that met my needs. I have reached out to quite a number of agents and its hard to find the ones that really, truly want to meet your needs before the sale.

One other thing I find admirable about Gumbull Realty is the level of their expertise.You can tell that they are not just agents but smart, professional and well knowledgeable. In a bid to make sales , I have had some agents try to sell me properties with the non-existent titles. Though I must confess, those ones are usually very cheap, but what is the point of being cheap if you will end up losing the property in the long run? I remember sending the flyer of the said cheap land to Josephine Stevens from Gumbull Realty because I wanted to fault the prices of the ones she was suggesting to me. I was surprised about how she took out time to explain the meaning of the titles and lack thereof. At first I though she was talking rubbish till I spoke to a lawyer who corroborated the claims she made. The first land I bought through them has a CofO in a nice estate. I made an outright payment and was allocated two weeks later.Since then I have moved on to buy other types of properties from them. I have also introduced my friends and families and the reviews are always good.

How to Reach Gumbull Realty

You Can Reach Gumbull Realty through one of their phone number +234 80 26 71 4444 which is also their whatsappp line.

Gumbull Realty’s YouTube channel is

Gumbull Realty’s Instagram Page is

If you have other real estate companies you have tried and are trusted, please leave a comment below so you ca help the community.

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