Best Socks for Men

socks for men

A man’s socks is a symbol of style. It speaks volume to your sense of fashion- whether it is refined, unique, creative or plain boring.

Often overlooked, your socks can be a free style playing ground- compared with other fashion accessories that is largely controlled by the environment or occasion you are in.

What Are the Best Socks for Men

Not every socks is the right socks for you. These tips should give you an idea of what to look out for when shopping for socks.

  • Cotton: The best pair of men’s socks are usually made from cotton. Why cotton? It’s soft, comfortable,natural and durable. Hence always buy socks that is made from cotton.
  • Stylish: As inferred earlier- not every socks is stylish. Some are downright archaic and you shouldn’t be caught wearing them.
  • Authentic: I am sure you have seen those fake Gucci, Prada and Nike socks flying around. Don’t be one of those people. Fake socks signal the fact that you don’t mind being a fake. Rich Dad in Robert Kiyosaki’s book asked Robert- “If you are willing to buy a fake watch, what does that say about you?”. Same principle applies to socks!
  • Suits your personal Style: Whats your flavor? Occupations? Likes? Your socks should let the world know!

Top Socks You Should Own

  • Ankle Length Socks: Every man should own a pair of good quality ankle length socks.
  • Crew Length Socks: There are different lengths of socks but the crew length socks is the most versatile of all length hence a must have for most men.

Where to Buy Socks

Nigeria’s leading socks store in Nigeria is Zig Manly. They stock high quality socks at the best possible prices. They have a variety of socks that suits whatever you feel, there is a design of socks for you. You can reach Zig Manly on their website or on their phone

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