How to Choose the Right Brogues

How to Choose the Right Brogues

As a man, you deserve to own at least a single pair of brogues amongst your foot wears if not for anything else but for the fact that you are a man.

In this piece of content, I would kick start with giving you a detailed information of how brogues came about and then afterwards moving on to how to choose the right brogues.

The invention of brogues came back in the days with lots of perforated holes in front of the shoes. The purpose though for those holes was just in case they got filled up with water, it could easily sieve out and air dry even with your shoes on. That is to say, it is not a recent invention as the brogues shoes are meant for swampy territories. Then again, the brogues foot wear has made it into the shoe fashion trend of classic men today and not as a shoe meant for the swamps but one that comes with class.

Irony of it all is the fact that the brogues usually worn in boggy fields now tries as much as to stay away and present itself at occasions and red carpets. What a twist you’d possibly say about this. You should be aware that there is quite a vast number of brogue styles and making the right choice is what I am writing this article about to guide you through making a pick. Each brogue style compliments certain outfits in its own way hence one has to be careful when choosing a pair.TOP 15 MEN’S LUXURY SHOE BRANDS EVERY NIGERIAN MAN SHOULD KNOW


  1. BROGUES IN STYLE: The “brogues” term when identifying shoes is one which just informs you of the presence of perforations in the design. The brogues shoe are a formal and official foot wear that can be used to compliment a tux as well as for cooperate office world. Taking a close look at the brogues shoe, you would see a decoration in front and this is known in the European term as “medallion” which can only be found on a few styles in relation to the brogues family. The common brogues features a symmetrical design pattern but in recent times, asymmetrical designs have been forged to give the brogues show a whole new branding look.Usually been made from majorly three materials which are; the boxcar leathery works (the original version of the brogues), suede and then scotched leathered grain.There is also the “W” brogues with its name gotten from the wing like design and “W” shaped front of the shoe. The design spreads around the shoe from the front to the sides giving it the look of a bird’s wing willing to fly at any moment. This style features three patterns which is the longwing pattern, quarter winged and the semi winged pattern. The long winged pattern has the wing design draw across the entire shoe meeting at the back heel while the semi winged shoe has it stop by the sides with more closure to the front than the back which usually features in most cases a medallion. The quarter winged brogues does not feature any winged design nor the presence of a medallion and by so appear way simpler than most brogues you may happen to come across though they still give the very sharp classic man looks.
  2. BROGUES IN COLOR: The appearance of majority of brogues come in a dark colored brown contrast with what is known to be a tan leather although, recently, the black brogues have taking over the market as they are usually versatile with the knowledge of black fitting any and every outfit. Here in the 21st century, brogues now appear in a large range of colour choices and has become not just for official purposes but also to compete in the shoe trend embodied in the fashion world. Now from my perspective, I would like you to know that nothing beats your looks when you are able to come up with a brogues shoe featuring two contrasting colours. Now that could be said to be one dope foot wear.
  3. BROGUE IN BRANDS: Brogues are so common that now they are categorized in to brands for easy picking. It all boils down to having to identify with a specific brand to get your brogues from. With this option of branding, finding the perfect brogues is been made easy as you could get your perfect fit by picking a brand that fits your very own style.Having to pick a brogues show should not be about identifying with a top name brand just because you want to feel big but rather should be about purchasing quality foot wear which matches your style and is very comfortable to your feet as well as a long lasting product. Having to buy a fake brogues or under quality brogues footwear could cause more harm than good as you painfully get to see the leather peel as well as absorb water with a weak sole to go with it. You would not want that now so why not save on getting quality than name?
  4. HAVING TO WEAR BROGUES: The business place as well as board meetings and cooperate events amongst other occasions can feature the wearing of brogues as it is a formal piece of foot wear. One thing most men do not know about brogues is the fact that it does not pass to be worn for dinner occasions as well as a black tie dress code event.All brogues actually complement the wearing of jean or chinos pants most especially that made out of suede. The brogues is highlighted more when you get to style yourself in a well smarted casual clothing and then complementing it with a matching blazer.The brogues shoe is quite comfortable and speaks well when worn correctly. A shoe that enables its owner to adapt with its classic style as well as long term comfort. It so happens that the brogues footwear could be used for work on a daily basis or better still kept aside just in case of a special occasion.

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