Top Men’s Office Fashion Tips

When you are in a corporate environment,  how you look is of utmost importance.How you look goes beyond putting on a suit and tie- let’s go into details

What are the Top Things to Focus on In Office Fashion

When we say office fashion, two things come to mind- a tie and lovely dress shoes. Yes, these two things are important- but they are no the ultimate keys to a dapper appearance.

Let us take a look as to necessary tips to have in mind when talking about looking great while wearing your corporate outfit.


Utmost Attention to the Very Least of Details

Paying attention to details means  you pay attention your hygiene. Ever wondered why the “Bosses” always get their suits and corporate wears dry cleaned? There is this feel and appearance that comes with it. Not like they cannot do it at home or have the time to dry clean their outfit, but rather because of the attention to detail when getting the laundry man to help with dry cleaning. You see, as a corporate boss, the “gator” factor on your clothing is an essential as well as being neat any minute of the day.

Grooming yourself is also to be kept in mind and this requires a lot. Talk of grooming and we could bring in the option of making sure your hair is properly cut all the time, your beards well carved, your nails well pruned, always smell nice amongst other grooming habits.

Sizing Is Key

Never make the mistake of wearing over sized or undersized outfits even when you decide to go for a game with friends on a weekend. Make sure to have just the perfect size for your clothing so that when you dress up, they stay fitted on your body giving you an appearance most girls would wish their man had.

When making a suit for instance, always make sure your tailor takes the exact measurements as to where the length is to be. No more no less and you would be just perfect for the title, “corporate boss”.

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How Do You Carry Yourself?

Slouchy shoulder, droopy heads, dragging of feets are a definite no-no.Make sure you you walk with confidence and assurance.Carry yourself like you know what you are doing.


Being a corporate boss requires you picking the right accessories and that requires you being mature about your choice of items.




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