Hausa Traditional Wedding Attire for Men

Hausa Traditional Wedding Attire for Men3

Hausa fashion is known to be two things- understated yet classy and rich. This attribute is known to feature even in the traditional outfits they wear for their weddings. Sounds paradoxical but they make it happen.
On their wedding day- traditionally known as Nikkai, the men are not left out.One key part of their outfit is the embroidery.
Their caps are heavily embroidered unlike the more simple filas of the yorubas. Their agbadas are also richly embroidered.

Top Hausa Wedding Attires for Men

They may favour a less showy style but that does not mean they don’t scrimp on their outfits.
Take a look at these well-dressed Hausa men at their wedding and gain inspiration!

Hausa groom in blue striped outfit
hausa grooms and groomsmen outfit
hausa atamfa couple. Groom in hausa traditional agbada in cream and chocolate colors
Hausa couple ins white agbada
hausa couple groom in lemon agbada

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