How to Toast a Girl & Get Her to Like You Immediately

How to Toast a Gir

Every girl has a password that will make her fall for you no matter what. So how do you toast a girl and make her respond positively? It is a simple process. In this article, I would be concentrating on three categories of ways one can actually use in toasting a girl

Let me start with the most common way of how to toast a girl and that would be;


This is a format mostly carried out by introverts due to them being shy to face the girl in question. What you do in this case is to maybe kick start your toasting career with a text or a call.

In a case whereby you know the girl in question and she is a harsh or hard to get one, maybe you even had a bet with the guys; I do not know if it is okay to text an error message to her with something like this,

Hey Chisom, I just transferred the 50 thousand naira cash you asked me to loan you. Do get back to me if you get the alert- Big Bro.

Now with this kind of message sent, note that in the first place you referred to another girls name (so shows it is a wrong number when reading) and secondly, you ended with a “big bro” note which shows how sweet a brother you are talking less if she has a boyfriend like you.

Give or take 30 minutes and counting, you most definitely would get a call back from the number asking who this is now this is your chance,  try to be familiar with her like you still think it is Chisom and when she says it is a wrong number, you could then ask her name then end the call and redial her so she does not burn her airtime.

Now that is a good head start and from the felicitations, you apologize for the error but then again make known your intention of wanting to be friends with her and from where the ball is in your court.

For extroverts, they do not need to send an error message to any girl, just calling through and being a joker like they always are is enough to woo any girl far and near.

Girls love funny boys but do not overdo it as she just might not be in the mood all the time.  Communication is key to any working relationship either to get a single girl or to overthrow some guy to get his girl.


This happens to be one of the widely used tactics as boys would tell you, “omo no card to burn”. The social media gives Men and women a variant to meet up at a lower cost. Subscribing for your data monthly allows you surf over the internet for more than a thousand girl profiles (if you say that is what is doing you in this life and your village people are with you).


For the good and the bad and what I mean is the fake and the real, online toasting and dating allows those with a fake life to have a real one to get any girl they want or so desire (social media effect) while for the real ones to actually get to really profile who they really plan on toasting like checking all of their other media accounts, pictures, differentiating slay queens from house wives amongst other factors.

Many people fail to understand that care needs to be taken when posting online as there is a wide range of potential suitors out there one could get. Online toasting requires patience as you may message a girl’s inbox and not get a reply in 2 weeks. As for me, I unsend my messages in 48 hours as no time to be wasted. If replies immediately, be polite enough to comment and compliment her profile as well as her pictures before asking her about herself and so on.

Never be too quick to ask for a phone number as it might be the ends to your conversation, for your own good, keep the conversation going as just online buddies for at least 2 weeks before asking for a contact number which you would most definitely get. The whole idea of asking a girl out online is absurd because apart from you not having to have met the person, it is freaky.


  1. Never whistle at her like she is a dog. If she was liking the boy from a distance before, that feeling dies that day.
  2. Try not to follow a girl up because your guys are with you. Be wise and look for a good time where there is no one around for her to carve style for you
  3. Girls would always be girls and if you are lucky to get a phone number that day, start with a thank you text message and just playful tones not zooming off to toasting instantly.
  4. Flash the number there and then to confirm the number is a right number.

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