Top 15 Men’s Luxury Shoe Brands Every Nigerian Man Should Know

Top 15 Men’s Luxury Shoe Brands Every Nigerian Man Should Know

The first thing anybody see upon your arrival at a place is your shoe. A man’s shoe can either make or mar his impression on others. There are times you would have wondered how some people make some great and nice shoe, but truth be told all they did was to know the right brand and which one they would like to use. Another fact is that not all shoemaking companies have dabbled into shoemaking. While some find it intriguing, others shy away from. For this reason, we are giving you a list of formal shoe brands. With shoes from any of these brand, you should expect high-quality and creativity in your shoe.


  1. Santoni: this is a shoe brand that was started in 1975 because the CEO, Andrea Santoni, had a strong focus on cultural heritage. They have polished buckles, stitching, and very durable handmade shoes and accessories at very affordable prices. The quality of their products, as well as that of their name, have never waned for a moment.
  2. Paul Smith: They are known for the production of clever patterns and beautiful use of colors. They have been considered as the champions of traditional The company produces classic styles with a twist. They have won a lot of devotee to their side of eclectic designs. Still innovating, this company makes shoes that give one a very classic look anytime.
  3. Gucci: founded by Guccio Gucci and stemming from the group of companies, Kering, it had gone out to top many more in the production of formal footwears. It is known for the difference in its style of carving its shoe There are so many creativities in the way they make shoes that have given them great respects among businessmen and everyone who loves to dress in a formal manner.
  4. Carmina: they are one company that is focused on men’s shoe which are crafted by the finest of their craftsmen. The up of their brand is that most of their products are crafted in leather material. They are based in Spain and had been making shoes for close to 150 years, ensuring they give people satisfactory and classical looks.
  5. Edward Green: this company have been known for their reputable works in the world of shoemaking. While being around for long, they have made their prestige remain intact. They have made themselves known as the producer of grand classic shoes. Over the year, they have moved from being the conservative shoemakers to the innovative shoes. In essence, the company had changed from its traditional style of shoemaking and have increased their creative patterns on the formal shoes.
  6. Salvatore Ferragamo: this company is one Italian brand that had been known for building shoes with silky smooth leather. They are known to have high quality like other Italian shoemakers such as Mategani, Gravati, Borgolli etc. And they have grown to be a great company that has built their integrity and prestige amongst others.
  7. Dolce and Gabbana: D&G as they mostly referred to are known for their creation of clothes that are simple but of high quality and great fashion sense. They have created most of their products to highly maximize looks of anyone putting it on. In its simplicity, a lot of people have commended their works because it’s durable and of high quality.
  8. Alden: this is another great shoe company that was founded by Charles H. Alden. The brand is known to take specialties in creating shoes that are being handcrafted. They are known for their loves for traditional, classy men’s shoes and boots. The company had survived going down because of the high quality of their products, which customer always have a desire to have per
  9. Allen Edmond: this American shoe manufacturer was first established in 1922.The company had been known to make and collect great shoes including casual shoes, golf shoes, and formal shoes. One very good feature about this brand is that their products are known to be repairable and not replaceable. The company not only build new shoes; they are also in the service of rebuilding a pair of shoes for a fee etc.
  10. JohnLobb: they are fancied more as bootmakers than shoe maker. Yet, they are considered as great producers of shoes with very high quality. Started in 1866, they have created shoes for different occasion and of great quality. They are known to call their customers, especially anyone who has ordered for any their products, to find the exact shoe size of such person to enhance comfortability.
  11. Loake: this shoe brand started in 1880 when three brothers started the act of handmade shoemaking. They have been known to build shoes with the finest of the leathers and materials. They are known to create a different range of shoes- from boots to brogues.
  12. Grenson: here is another brand that has gone into the production of shoes with high quality. Their various shoes such as Stuart Choice, Rose, Noble have been highly recommended by reviewers and a lot of their customers. They have remained on top of their business by their constant improvement and innovation.
  13. Hugo Boss: this brand often styles their shoes as BOSS. The German shoemaking company, which started in 1924 by Hugo Boss had been known to create classic shoes. They use very high-quality materials to create standard and innovative formal shoes. For this, their many customers have continuously recommended them to their peers and friends.
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  14. Tom ford: this is a fashion house owned by Thomas Carlyle. The brand affords the user access to highly, sought after handmade shoes.
  15. Berluti: this company had been known to be in the business of making great shoes since 1895. They believe one cannot be elegant except one is comfortable and well-shod. In its own style, it had brought great handmade shoes that had been known to be unique and to have a great audacity. Also, they try to juxtapose both fantasy and classicalism together, giving their work a great look.


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