Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men

Are you about to barb your hair and don’t know what hairstyle to cut? Or you are just interested in the trending hairstyles amongst Nigerian men? Well, you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at the top 10 hairstyles for Nigerian men.

Just be ready to expect to see a lot of Nigerian men on short sided cuts as that is a major trend that fits punks, low cuts and even dreads not to talk of those that weave their hair.

It is also quite important you do not get worried with certain hairstyle names that might pop up as we all know, Nigerians are good at giving names to everything including haircuts.

Below are the list of the top ten in no particular order though but just the best that happen to have made the list;


So you all loved the posts about 10 hairstyles for men so we decided to find and share latest pictures to elevate your style.


    This is more like a normal trending galls or Mohawk hairstyle but instead with low sides containing designs. These designs could be drawn into any pattern and this is what makes it cool. The hairy part of the hair is spiked up after properly been relaxed to give it a sharp edged look while the sides are kept naturally low.
  2. AFRO:
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men

    I do not know why this is still in trend right from our fathers days but then it is actually one trend I doubt would ever go out of existence in the haircut world. The good thing about the afro is the fact that it allows you choose either to braid it or punkify it or jerry curl it. In summary, it gives you a wide range of options to fall back to if you ever get tired of the afro look but those with afro always come back to afro.
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men boxfade hair cut

    This is a 1980’s hairstyle most blacks known to have been in the ghetto wore on their head those days. This could be termed bringing back the 1980’s as well and looks stunning when the hair gets moisturized by the sides before stepping out. Perfectly fits jumping trousers and a nerdy big glass on the face.
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men mini afro

    Well as said in number two above, this just requires care but though lesser stress than a full grown afro and shows of the pure pattern and texture embedded within when you decide to add a bit of gel to spice up the looks. Ask Korede Bello, he got just the perfect and shiny hairstyle.
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men low sided cut

    This has been in trend for years now as this is actually the official working class hairstyle and would never get out of style. This happens to be my present haircut and it gives me that young manly look taken about 5 years from my real age. It is one that fit perfectly on a lustrous beard and a clean well-shaped outlines. I forgot, a suit is the perfect wear for this, ask Timaya if you have doubts.
    this is the present style with most of our entertainers like Paul Psquare and Flavour N’abania. Low cut or punk is barbed to a certain point then the rest is all dreaded up and gives this cool bad boy look. From front view, many would not know you have got a dread on until they come from the side or back. Although, I think it was Flavour that started this trend.
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men skin tight

    also known as abori and skinttles is the common hair most kids grow up with especially those who were unfortunate to have what is called “lakpa lakpa”. But then again, real men keep their hair to this level and in most cases because they are probably bald or have “afaridon”.
  8. OBAMA:
    Top 10 Hairstyles for Nigerian Men obama
    I am still wondering how and why some barber or customer would demand for this hairstyle or administer such hairstyle with the name. I remember back in the days when we were barbing Ronaldo (cap) style but I never expected it would come to the stage of we actually barbing an ex-presidents name on our head which is quite hilarious. This style has been in trend and features a low cut but with fuller hair in front and lower hairs to both sides as well as the center and the back. Thank you Barrack Obama for the inspiration, you really had loyal fans across the world most especially in Nigeria.
  9. PUNK: Just like the box faded hair cut but more advance and much more recent in nature unlike the box fade cut that could be dated back to the 1980’s. The punk is a recent re-do of the earlier haircut which has got more swag (not class). This haircut could be seen featured on artists like lil kesh at a time though only that his was dyed wine color.
  10. DREAD MAN: practically every yahoo boy, or weed smoking youth or could I say celebrity young men are on this haircut. With likes of those like Ycee amongst others, the idea of the dread could be in different forms and using Ycee here, he had around of his hair barbed clean before leaving a crown like (pineapple) dread at the middle. We also got full dreads on artist such as Burna Boy and Maleek Berry as well as Clarence Peter amongst other entertainers. This has been trending for a long time and though I see this as irresponsible (trying to act like you were birthed with dreads where as those who had the real dreads shaved theirs off). Every young man in the street with the term “entertainer” or “street boy” also known as “yahoo boy” can be found on this hair style.

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