Seven Top Reasons Your Condom Broke- How to Avoid a Recurrence

ripped condom
  1. It’s Expired:

When a condom reaches its expiring date, it becomes dry and weak. The tendency of it tearing or breaking then increases drastically. Before you use any condom, check the pack to see the expiry date

  1. It’s too Small

If a condom is too small for your girth, it stretches way beyond its designated capacity and risks tearing. Always buy the right size for yourself.

  1. You stored it wrongly

Condoms should be kept in cool dry places. Away from heat and direct sunlight.

This is to help maintain its structural integrity. Stored otherwise, the chances of it losing its structural integrity increases.

  1. No Lubrication:

The friction that comes from dry penetration can lead to condom breakage. Always use a condom safe lubricant

  1. You used the wrong type of lubricant

The right types of condoms to use are water or silicon based. Oil based lubricants can severely damage condoms and lead to breakage.

  1. You Used Multiple Condoms:

It seems like a bright idea at being cautionary but truth is that it does the exact opposite of protecting you.

The  friction that occurs between two condoms when used simultaneously will cause them to rip.

  1. You Opened It Wrongly:

Haphazard opening techniques increase the risk of your condom ripping.

Do not use sharp objects- including your teeth. Open from the corner and not the centre of the pack.

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