Nigerian Men & S3x: Reasons We Rush Into S3x


Here’s the answer to the question everyone wants answered- what is with men and s3x, Nigerian men in particular and the bed?

  1. We Want to Be Macho:
    Sadly we grow up thinking how many women you bed makes you more macho. So the average guy falls into the habit of sleeping with women and bragging to their friends. Thankfully , after a while , some men outgrow that trait
  2. We Want to Have S3x:

S3x is a natural desire- we love s3x. We like adventure, we like variety. We don’t have a place to satisfy that need, odds are when that needs arises, we will jump into s3x with the next available lady.

  1. The Lady Seems Available:
    When a lady gives the vibe that she is available to be slept with easily, the average man will jump into bed with her just to get a taste of the seemingly free cake.
  2. Our Woman Is Not Giving Us Enough:

Don’t you just hate it when you are dating a girl and she withholds s3x because she is trying to punish you? Yes, a lot of men jump into s3x with random women because their women keep withholding s3x for unreasonable reasons (Not reasonable reasons like she is pregnant)

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