8 Mistakes Men Make When Using a Condom that Increases their Exposure to STDs by 80%


  1. Not putting it On Right:

    Do you know that 30% of people put it on inside out? When you do this, It is more likely to slip out. When you put on a condom right, it should look like an igbo man’s cap with the bottom edges rolled up (not under). The cap should fit over the penis so that the brim unrolls easily down the shaft.

  2. Not Seeking to Detect Visible Damage:

    Most guys never bother to check if there are any tears of holes.Even when they carelessly tear it open with their teeth or fingernails. This is a huge mistake.

  1. Not Checking the Expiration Date:

    Yes they also have expirations date- but we don’t check it. MFG(Manufacturing Date)
    is different from EXP (Expiring Date). Plain Condoms last as long as 5 years, those with spermicide last for about 2 years. But if you keep your condom in your wallet, it would probably get toasty from body heat which can affect the condom’s life expectancy. The closer it is to the manufacturing date than the expiration date, the better.

  2. Not Talking it Over Beforehand:

    If you don’t talk about the use of condom beforehand with your partner, odds are it may not go down, well when you bring it out during the action. Some girls actually believe that a guy who uses condoms on them doesn’t love or trust them. How would you stand it when she starts rubbing over you and telling you those lines- except you have a strong will, you would end up tossing it.
    Talk about it before hand and tell her how much you want to protect HER. When the time comes, she will gladly let you use it.

  3. Putting it on late in the action:

    Some men actually put on the condom after penetration. Are you aware that some sperm comes out even before penetration? . So you are exposing yourselves to both pregnancy and STD risks.

  4. Not leaving room at the top:

    I guess you already know that before putting it on, you need to gently squeeze the tip of the condom to remove any trapped air and leave space for the sperm.Some men don’t know and that’s why their condoms are most likely to break.

  1. Using the Wrong Lubricants:

    Using oil-based lubricate such as body creams, petroleum jellys, mineral oil. etc can make the latex break. Instead you should use water or silicone based lubricants, they are kinder and gentler.

  2. Not Using it At All:

    This is the biggest mistake of all and it exposes you 100 percent. Don’t let anything stop you from protecting yourself.


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