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6 Key Ways to Make the Right FIRST Impression at Your Next Job Interview job interview

First impressions determine 80% of your success in job interviews. Of course, if you make the wrong first impression, there is no doubt that it will be next to impossible to change it.
So how do you make the right first impression? Follow these 6 steps.

1. Dress for the Job You Want:

Don’t dress for the job you have or your jobless state. Make an effort to clean up and look good.
Also wear appropriate clothing. Clothing that fits the office culture of where you are interviewing..Want to work at a start-up? Find out their dress code and dress to fit in. Avoid too much perfume or after shave lotion

2. Arrive at the Right:

What is the right time?
Not late. Never arrive at an interview late. Being late will give the impression that you are unreliable and you don’t pay attention to details.
Conversely never arrive at an interview too early. Arriving too early sends the wrong vibes- that you are too eager and don’t have anything else to do except wait around to be employed

3. Enter the Room Confidently

Not arrogantly.
How you enter a room is very key to the way you are perceived. You shouldn’t come off as shy or timid. Neither should you come off as arrogant. You simply need to come off as confident.
Keep your head up, smilingly acknowledge those in the room and say hello.

4. Offer a Firm Handshake

Nothing says weak and sloppy like a limp handshake from a man. Make it firm and strong and you will exude confidence.
Not; be firm with the handshake, do not crush their hands!

5. Be Kind to Every One:

Besides the fact that it is a good character trait, you don’t know who is who. You may think the cleaner is a no-body, but she is the HR’s “paddy” whose opinion on things and people he takes seriously

6. Do a Pre-Interview Body Check

Check yourself quickly. Remove things that may be bulging in your pocket, turn off your phone or put it in silent mode. Do away with your bottle of water. Check your smile to make sure nothing is hanging out and make sure you smile during the interview.

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