[NBS REPORT] There Are 70 Nigerians Struggling for One Job Opening

The National Bureau of Statistics has released its Online Recruitment Report for the period May 2015 to September 2015.

These are the highlights

  • The number of applications have risen from 212,409 in May to 313,694 in September.
  • Number of vacancies remained stable moving a few notched from 3,897 in May to 4,441 in September.Thus there were 70 people chasing one job opening for the month of September
  • The majority of applicant were between ages 20 & 30
  • Most of the applicants were highly educated.
  • Lagos State is the dominant state.Its accounts for over half of applications and vacancies.
  • The least active states are Yobe and Jigawa
  • 5% of the applicants were based outside Nigeria (a total of 7,075 applicants )

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