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The “Once” Rule that will Improve Your Life-Time Productivity by 200 %


Do you want to be more productive? I’ll share a rule that has served me for years- i call it the once only rule. Do everything once.
Some of us take a task, do it half-way, then dump it. That is one unproductive habit that wastes our time.

Let me break it down in two simple examples.

  1. Never Write Something Down Twice

    Enter a new contact’s info ONCE, and then have it sync across all your devices. Jot down a new task on a to do list ONCE, and then have it sync across all your devices. Write down a new event ONCE, . . . you get the idea.
    If you have to type something in your computer calendar, then write the same information down on your paper calendar, and then jot it down again on your smart phone, then you are working for your systems instead of your systems working for you.

  2.  Never Touch the Same Thing Twice:

    Never put anything in a holding pattern, because touching things twice is a huge time-waster. Don’t save an email or a phone call to deal with later. As soon as something gets your attention you should act on it, delegate it, or delete it.

    The idea is to start and finish a task ONCE.You can replicate this rule through-out other aspects of your life and see how it plays out.

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