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Want to Seem Smart at Office Meetings? Do these 5 Things


  1. Get Up and Draw a Venn Diagram:

    PatentableIdeasWorks wonders i tell you. When you are trying to illustrate a point.Head straight for the board and confidently draw a diagram. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense.In fact your colleague will think you are a genius because they do not understand it.

  2. Translate percentage metrics into fractions

    If someone says “About 25% of all users from Ibadan axis click on this button,” quickly chip in with, “So about 1 in 4,” and make a note of it(make sure you have that serious squint in your eyes). Everyone will nod their head in agreement, secretly impressed and envious of your quick math skills.

  3. Always Ask “Will this Scale”?

    No matter what is being discussed (haha). Arent you even impressed by the sound of it “Will it scale”. It’s important to find out if things will scale no matter what it is you’re discussing. No one even really knows what that means. Trust me.

  4. Ask the presenter to go back a slide

    “Sorry, could you go back a slide?” They’re the seven words no presenter wants to hear. It doesn’t matter where in the presentation you shout this out, it’ll immediately make you look like you’re paying closer attention than everyone else is, because clearly they missed the thing that you’re about to brilliantly point out. Don’t have anything to point out? Just say something like, “I’m not sure what these numbers mean,” and sit back. You’ve bought yourself almost an entire meeting of appearing smart.

  5. Encourage everyone to “take a step back”

    There comes a point in most meetings where everyone is bickering annd chiming except you. Opinions and data and milestones are being thrown around and you don’t know your CTA from your OTA. Time to shine bro, time to shine. Dramatically  go, “Guys, guys, guys, can we take a step back here?”
    Everyone will turn their heads toward you, amazed at your ability to silence the fray. Follow it up with a quick, “What problem are we really trying to solve?” and, boom! You’ve bought yourself another hour of looking smart.Try these out and let me know how it goes!

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