Men’s Dress Codes- Simply Decoded;The Right Way to Dress for Different Occassions

akin faminu

Every occasion has an appropriate dress codes. If there is an IV, there is probably a dress code on it. The problem is, these dress codes are not elaborated on. You are supposed to know what to do.

This is what this is about. Knowing what to wear for every occasion. Enjoy.


  • The White Tie

    men's dress codes

  • Bow Tie, Tail Coat, Waist Coat, Dress Trousers, Dress Shoes, Shirt Studs, Dress Shirts  & Cufflinks

    2. Black Tie

men's dress codes

Tuxedo Jacket, Dress shirt, Dress Trousers, Oxford Shoe, Cufflinks, Bow Tie, Shirt Studs, Cummerband and No Belt.

3. Business:


Suit, Cufflinks, Leather Belt, Derby Shoes, Plain Socks, Formal Shirt, Tie. For interviews and boardrooms, wear a white shirt.


4. Smart Casual

smart casual

Smart Jacket, Socks, Brogues, Casual Shirt, Chinos. void trainers, slogans and shorts.


5. Casual:



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