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How to Make You N65,000 on a Side-Business while You Work at Your Day Job

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Most times our salaries are just not enough. By the third week, you are already scrimping , maybe even borrowing to meet your needs. Imagine if you had a side gig that brought in extra money? Sounds great i tell you.

Let me show you four ways to make that imagination come true.

1. Temporary Home Rental :

Think AirBNB. Yes, they are in Nigeria and they are functional. If you don’t know, airbnb is an online platform that connects home owners to people who want to rent their apartments- for a short while- or long if you please. All you have to do is list your home, state the features with pictures and your price. People who need a place to stay to stay, maybe for a business trip can rent it and you get your cash. Make you apartment nice and clean and you may be on your way to making more money

2. Use your talent and skill to provide a service:

Can you write? Then offer to write articles, term papers etc for a fee . Are you good at planning? You can put up ads online telling how good you are at writing business plans. Good at photography? Having a weekend class once a month can rake in good money. Don’t underestimate yourself, think of what you can do.

3. Blogging;

I’m sure you heard that for Linda Ikeji, blogging was her part-time job before it really started paying. Yes, there is money in blogging but it does take time. Since you have a full-time job, you can blog by the side, work diligently at it for a while before it starts making you money. The good thing is that you can do it from anywhere.

4. Use your profession –:

As a Lawyer, Accountant or Engineer working full-time it is not unlikely that your services may still be required on an ad hoc basis. You can provide these services at your spare time upon request in exchange for a decent fee. This is different from using your talent because it is actually in your line of career and could lead to you even starting your business if things go well.

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