The Navy Blue Suit- How to Choose, Style and Wear

navy blue suit with nice blazerBlue is the original black. Multipurpose in summertime, midwinter, business or for inclination. Blue has on no occasion been more prevalent for men’s suits. The range assortments from upbeat Napoli blues, to nimbler varieties and unquestionably shadier midnight as well as navy blue suits which can be rocked with almost whatever thing.

Perceptive of what to style in with a blue suit can be a problematic and from time to time uninteresting assignment. You’ll either rock more blue, or you’ll opt for some arbitrary co lour and actually muddle things up. Then originates the problem of asking oneself, do I rock brown shoes or black? What color of shirt would surpass, will pink or white work? So many queries.

To aid response to a few, we’ve composed a variety of our preferred boulevard, personality and directory ideas to enable this an easy task for you.


The Types of Accessories that Go Best With the Navy Blue Suit

  1. Stay loyal to rocking a crispy white top, or a brighter shade of flushed pink or blue. These colors generate a tiny bit of distinction letting your blue suit to pop.
  2. When it emanates to neckties the universe should be your oyster. I suggest a Goth or navy but then again red, maroon and greens would likewise work as well.
  3. As revealed overhead both Goth black or brown shoes suitable in form of lace-ups or slouches are perfect.
  4. If your suit is properly tailored and smaller in the limbs and physique then feel unrestricted to rock a polo top and a pair of sneakers with it. It would brand a pleasant transformation in to wear a navy blue suit with the right accesories


How to Buy a Navy Blue Suit

  1. Shun color shades that would not fit in with your business outfits e.g. no kid or absorbing blues.
  2. Pick a decent quality fabric.
  3. Elude nonsense sparkly material.
  4. Pick out a suit that you can distinct for diverse events.
  5. Fiber and linen suits are improved for summer stock despite the fact that angora and cashmere combinations are more fitting for winter time.
  6. Elude polyester – you would not like to have same looks as Homer Simpsons.
  7. Opt for a cover pocket suit covering if you need to try a touch of difference.

Take a look at how these men wore their navy blue suit for some style inspiration.

navy blue suit

navy blue suit with wine necktie

navy blue suit with nice blazer

dancing men rocking navyblue suit (2)

dancing men rocking navyblue suit (3)

groom in navy blue suit

grooms men in navy blue suits

grooms men navy blue suit and peach necktie

dancing men rocking navyblue suit (1)

bridal train in navy blue

actors in navy blue suit

2 men in navy blue


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