How to Take Care of your Suit.

wardrobe filled with suitsLike most good clothes, your suit would last longer if you take time to take good care of it.These practices will allow your suit last longer
As a stylish man, you should be familiar with how well enough to take great care of your suits. In this article, there listed below are top steps in actually achieving this milestone;


  1. Use a Suit Brush
    Using a suit brush ensures that the fabric retains its shape and form. Scrubbing effectively removes dirt that may have accumulated on the suit.
  2. Appropriate Suit Hook (Hanger)
    Avoid wire hangers.Wooden hangers are the best as they keep the shape of your suit.
  3. Suit Zipper Bag
    A suit zipper bag is a must-have as this reduces the number of times you have to to clean your suit which in turn reduces its wear and tear.nice suit


Having all of the above gears and tools handy, you are most definitely ready to go with the tips to actually taking very good care of your suit.How to Take Care of your Suit.

  1. Cleaning
    First of all, follow the instructions on the label of your suit.Suits come in different fabrics and only the maker knows the best way to each one.
    Clean only when necessary. It is great to be a clean freak, but you shorten your suit’s lifespan if you wash at every where
    Lastly on cleaning.Learn to spot clean.It’s possible that the very first time you wear your suit after , something spills on it. Don’t jump throw it into the washing machine- clean that little spot and you are good.
    For a man who regularly wears suits, having handy a good steamer could cost a bit but eventually a great investment. Having your suit steamed up is yet a practical way of taking out any rumples as well as smells and are sure not going to destroy the fabric’s fibers.Using pressing irons slowly but surely damage your suits and they end up with suit marks and the likes.nice suits for Nigerian men (1)
  3. Hanging
    Always make sure your suit is hung whenever not in use. As denoted above, do not make use of metal hangers or hooks as they would disfigure your suit in no time as well as keep them rumpled. A way of choosing the right hangar is looking out for one with the curvy frame that is a perfect fit to the outline of your suit. This hangar also would be quite broad been able to hook from shoulder to shoulder without rumpling your suit.
  4. When Travelling
    For those men who get to travel a lot, having a garment bag is a must purchase for your suit. Search out from the store or online for one which is quite easy to move around, not heavy after all as well as allows for air to flow through. Whereby the garment bag is not available, you should learn how to properly fold a suit and afterward tuck it in so as not to crumple it throughout the time frame of your journey.nice suits for Nigerian men (3)
  5. Protection
    One major thing you could do for your suit allows it have regular free days as your suit virtually needs quite a lot of time to recuperate from being worn. It is bad mojo to wear the same suit every single day and this leads to quick weakening. Try to get other suits so you can often rotate them been worn.nice suits for Nigerian men (4)See also.The Difference between a tuxedo and a suit

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