Barber Haircut Styles for Nigerian Men

With quite a number of hairstyles that have graced the world most especially Nigeria as a country with many more styles coming up, Nigerian men are known to have limitless choices in having to pick from the assortments of barber haircut styles. Many of these barber haircut styles have been in vogue from back in the days- the years of our parents and fore parents- you all know how they usually used to roll back then with the funny cuts now today’s barber trends.

Who would have ever though that the likes of Jimmy Cliff barber cuts or the Shaka Zulu cuts would be amongst present day barber haircut trends? But then and again, they are and we would be looking out some of these barber cuts that have made it from back in the days to present day Nigerian barber haircuts trend.


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Some of these barber haircut names could be worrisome but not to worry about them, its Nigeria and we are well known for always giving the perfect names to all things that come to stay including certain hairstyles.


Listed below are likable 10 of the multitude amongst barber haircut types in Nigeria;

  1. MOHAWK: This originally came to be well known when a football player with the name of “Gallas” styled on this haircut during a match. The Mohawk haircut also commonly known as “Gallas” which happens to feature the both sides of the head to be low and sometimes hairless, while the middle is left full like a mane to grow. Many Nigerian youths today see this hairstyle as cool and even advanced men sometimes style in this looks.
  2. AFRO-CUTS: The Afro cut has been in play since the days of our fathers and fore fathers and it is quite shocking that such hairdo happens to be vibrantly in trend to this very day. The afro cut allows for a variety of hair option from time to time so as to appear differently. These could include having to style it jerry curled, or weaved or just left the way it should be. This barber haircut has no fear whatsoever of being eliminated in all of the barber haircut history.
  3. BOX HAIR CUT FADE: This is an 80’s hairdo a lot of blacks identified with the life in the ghetto sported on their skull in the olden days. This may possibly be characterized as conveying back the 80’s likewise airs a sophisticated appearance when the haircut gets conditioned along the flanks. Impeccably blends on skipping pants and a geek like glass frame.
  4. LOW AFRO HAIR CUT: This could be said to be the lower version or younger haircut style to which was mentioned in number two above. This haircut actually objectively entails upkeep nonetheless reduced constant worry than the fully-fledged afro haircut as well as depicts the unadulterated outline and feel rooted within.
  5. TWO STEPS: This in recent times happens to be the most styled haircut for both the old and the young man. The haircut features a two layered hair cut with the uppermost layer appearing to be fuller than the bottom layer. A perfect barber haircut for every aged man to appear young and for every young man to appear little. In regardless of age, appearance or beards, this barber haircut is the perfect trend for all.
  6. PARTIAL TRIM DREAD CUT: Most Nigerian celebrities feature in this barber haircut though. It is a blend of partial dreads at the topper layer while the bottom layer features a low trimmed haircut. Features as well as spices up the soft but bad boy look. Even though, I think this barber haircut is extremely stylish as well as sophisticated.
  7. BRUCE WILLIS: Many of you should be familiar with the Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis. In Nigeria, this haircut is also known as skin cut or abolo. Stars like Vin Diesel amongst others also feature in this barber haircut. This happens to be just the perfect cut for those who are bald to an extent. Rather than have your hair grow unattractively, better to feature in this barber haircut.
  8. OBAMA: Sometimes, I still get to wonder how come Nigerians would come up with such a name for a barber haircut trend. This barber haircut originates from during the United States election when Barrack Obama was running for presidency and eventually won. Nigerians on the other hand who enjoy associating with everything that appears to be gold immediately gave a new trend of barber haircut similar to what Obama had on his head and named it after the ex-United States president. This hairstyle is simply what is also plainly known as the low-cut barber trend with no special effects or patterns to add alongside the fresh trim. Obama barber haircut is still in vogue till date.
  9. JIMMY CLIF: Similar to that of the box worn haircut but then again more developed and a lot more contemporary in trend not like the box worn haircut that may perhaps be traced back in time to the 80’s. The Jimmy Cliff is a fresh re-do of the former trim which features a lot more swag than class. This haircut is usually better fitted on celebrity personnel’s as it is not advisable to style in such as a business man.
  10. THE FULL HAIR DREAD: This so happens to be the present hair style in vogues for every folk who identifies as an entertainer either established or upcoming. From the likes of Paul Psquare to Terry G, Ycee, Burna Boy, Stonbwouy, Maleek Berry and even one of the top most video producers, Clarence Peters and Unlimited LA amongst others . The elderly actually see this stylish haircut as irresponsible as not only do entertainers rock this looks, but also what the sect of young men these days been termed as “yahoo boys” better known as “internet fraudsters”. Though, some men are birthed with natural dread locks and just from time to time trim the sides or the locks with scissors.

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