Top Men’s Style Tips You Should Know

Top Men’s Style Tips You Should Know

In this article, I would be sharing quite a couple tips on top men’s style to consider picking from to adorn yourself with that classy look you much would be admired for.


  1. OWN A WELL FITTED SUIT: This is one style that every male who regards himself as a man should adhere to. It does not in any way have anything to do with what you do for a living as regards your kind of job if it requires a suit or not. Owning a well fitted quality suit would be at some point is needed at a certain time in your life. When purchasing a fitted suit or having a designer makes you one, it is advised to have knowledge of basic factors certain trends and designs that would last a long time in the fashion world. In my own view, I would suggest rather than make a direct purchase, you get skilled tailors services as they alone would have an idea on how to make amendments in a case you add or lose weight in the long run. It is also advised that you take your time when choosing your suit color as you would not want to get a pink suit you may never get to wear. Be moderate.
  2. ALWAYS CHOOSE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: There is really no need having a closet or box filled with clothing items that are either not good enough to be worn or they do not get to match one another. It is better to have 5 quality wears than 100 not quality wears having in mind that the way you dress is how you are addressed. I envy young lads who dress well at a young age and not like I am a prophet but I do well believe that in the near future to come, they would be icons to the fashion world. You could get quality and still stay simple such as; getting to wear a combination of blue and white shirts alongside a simple knitted tie that has dark shades of maybe blue, red or possibly green with a jacket/ trouser and shoes carefully color and texture picked which do not contrast with your shirt.Having at your service a wardrobe assistant would not be a bad idea in making sure you do not get to have any form of wardrobe malfunctions when you step out of your home.
  3. REGULARLY GET RID OF OLD CLOTHING: Many men say to themselves that when they get money at month end from their pay, they would get to go shopping for new clothes but until then they need to make do with what they have. Finally, the month ends and these same men say to themselves again- I have quite a number of clothes so what is the use of getting new ones? Let me use the money for something else. This is quite funny you know, the only way to ever purchasing new clothing is doing away with old ones. When you get rid of old clothing, it then dawns on you that your closet is empty and you need to get a new wardrobe of clothes to stock it up.
  4. BE A MAN- DISPOSE OF THOSE HOODIES AND T-SHIRTS: I had a discussion with an old time friend who happens to always be on t-shirts and usually hoodies on Saturdays for the past couple years and I confronted him with the question on why he never wears a proper shirt with pants with a tie and shoe to match? In his defense, he used Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) to illustrate how he cared less about how he looks. Give or take between 6 – 7 months after we had that conversation, he went for a business meeting on a t-shirt and a jean with a vans to match. All because of his dressing alone, the contract was however awarded to someone with lesser qualifications than himself. Their reason was simple, ‘we would not let you meet our customers nor would we allow you represent us (company) with this dressing of yours. It is a corporate world son, you need to fit in’. As we speak, even to attending Sunday service in the church, he puts on a suit but what I do not know is if he sleeps in them.In summary, get rid of that t-shirt and hoodie and get yourself proper clothing. It just might be your hindrance to hitting a landmark in the business world.
  5. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO FASHION TRENDS: Change is constant with fashion trends and you do not want to spend so much with having to flow with whatever is in vogue. Stay true to your own style, a style which would not in anytime soon become extinct from the fashion world. Get yourself timeless outfits and as well as having them in classical colors, designs, textures, patterns, combinations and more. Fashion could be quite tricky in leading you away from a proper man’s style to a college boy style. There was a time the whole color blocking thing was in vogue; I personally hated it so much that I always avoided any kind of clothing with colors. Question is, during the color blocking season, how many of you went for interviews and got jobs with your color blocking outfits? Or taking a look at yourself in a picture taken back then, do you not happen to be laughing at yourself right now?As a man, staying true to a classic style and having timeless clothing and accessories; the watch, the shoes, the ties, the suits, the pants, the Shambala (hand bangles) to match could go a long way in having you stand out in the crowd amongst other men.

Stay sharp, Stay in style.


Featured Image:Mai Atafo

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