Men’s Native Wear: Top 10 Fashion Errors to Avoid

Men’s Native Wear: Top 10 Fashion Errors to Avoid

Native attires have always been the best option for Men to grace occasions irrespective of gender and age for decades upon decades. To stay in style is important for men as these native attires could be trendy in terms of patterns and designs. Gracing a ceremonial occasion or as a church wear usually starts from going to the market to buy the native fabric which comes in the form of Ankara, Lace, Guinea, Linen and even more recently, the use of normal pants materials are bought to sew native outfits. It is important to know there are certain errors frowned upon by those with a fashion sense as regards dressing in men’s native wear.

Top 10 Fashion Native Wear ERRORS To Avoid

Here are top 10 fashion errors with dressing in men’s native wear;

  1. TROUSER LENGTH: It is important to be aware of this particular rule in choosing a native wear style as a man. Gone are the days when our fathers had to native wears with the length of the trouser going MIA beneath their footwear of sweeping the floor. This rule applies to the present generation of men with style and class. It is important to get yourself a native wear with trouser length that stops just above your footwear. It is advisable that you get your stylist or tailor make sure the length of your native wear trouser stops just at your ankles.
  2. KEEP AWAY FROM WEARING A LACED UP FOOTWEAR WITH YOUR NATIVE: Laced up shoes or dress shoes are meant for suits and not native wears. It is a taboo in men’s fashion to have on laced up shoes with native  attire. If you have no other option of shoes to wear, get a sandal or a nice leather palm slippers to adorn your native wear. Shoes that could be worn are loafers, drivers, and moccasins all without lace.
  3. NEVER PUT ON SOCKS WITH SHOES ON NATIVE WEARS: This could be hilarious when I see people have on socks on shoes when wearing native attire. Well, honestly, growing up I did it but that was because I had no dress sense at the time and I was not even the native wear type of guy so I cared less. Now, I really do care about native wears and having socks on is yet another abomination to the world of men fashion. Keep the socks for the days you get to step out in a suit.
  4. NATIVE WEAR AND CANVAS OR SPORTS SHOES IS A NO: Well, genuinely speaking before everything got bad in the name of having a dress sense, it is wrong to have on a running shoe or canvas or sneakers with native attire. (See also SHOES EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN) In Nigeria today, we see this as a trend with celebrities and since it looks cool, you see non-celebrities taking up the trend. In the fashion world, it is not about it been cool but it is about it been right. Native wears have been abused and we have to find a way to stop further abuse on pairing up native attires with foot wears and it begins with you.
  5. NATIVE WEARS AND LEATHER SLIPPERS IS A NO FOR GRAND OCCASIONS: You may decide to step out in style but want comfort and so you get to put on a leather slipper. This is wrong in men’s fashion but happens to be a trend presently. Wearing a leather slipper is only allowed when your native wear is a simple plain one unlike having to wear an agbada and leather slipper (bad combination) or your village native attire with a leather slipper (bad combination). When dressing for grand occasions and events, it is required you put on nice leather shoes (not laced) to complete your outfit.
  6. BE MATURE- DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS OR RUBBER SLIPPERS ON NATIVE WEARS: No matter what the situation may be, an emergency situation is not even an option. It does not matter if you are in haste to the venue or if your shoes hurt your feet. You should have gotten comfortable shoes in the first instance so it does not count as an excuse. Any form of flip flop or bathroom slippers with both simple and complex native designs is a no.
  7. NATIVE ATTIRES DO NOT MATCH SPORTS WATCHES: You see most of the big boys or men with a G-shock of the same color to match their native wear and because you have no idea at all of the men fashion, you say ‘e makes sense’. This is an error to the men’s fashion world and if I happen to see you, I could possibly get you arrested for falling men’s hand as regards fashion. You would not wear a sports watch with a suit same way you should not dare do same when you have a native wear. Native wears go better with leather watches or a gold or silver time piece.
  8. NO BELTS ON NATIVE WEARS: How can you even dare think of having a belt on native wear? Just like having to wear fila (Yoruba cap) on a suit. No matter what the design maybe, if or not it has belt holes- wearing a belt to match your shoes is a blunder to men’s fashion.
  9. PLEASE, DO NOT COLOR BLOCK: Color blocking causes pain to my eye not literally but seeing a man take color blocking all the way to the native wear men fashion could be heartbreaking. If you so much like colors, get a fabric that has the color of your choice to make a top and a trouser. Thank you.
  10. NO WAIST PURSE: It is a trend now whereby you get to see young men at occasions with waist purse like the kind used in NYSC camps in the name of that is where their dollar bills are kept for the purpose of spraying the celebrant. Oga, your native wear has pockets and if it does not, there are mature handheld leather purses for native wears.



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