Pocket Square Rules in Nigeria: The Triangular Fold & 5 More Styles

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In Nigeria, the pocket square is an ultimate statement of style. It is classic and timeless. You may not need it everyday, but when you do, you need to get it right.

Pocket Square Rules in Nigeria

When you are not sure of how to choose a pocket square, keep these rules at the back of your mind and you can never go wrong!

  1. Matching your tie Pattern with your Pocket Square is a No-no!Neither should you match color. Use complementary patterns and colors
  2. Not sure of the color to go for? Simply go with white- you will look stylish without making an effort.

These are simple ways to fold your pocket square. 

Different Types of Pocket Square Styles in Nigeria.

The pocket square style you can rock in Nigeria is really no different from the types rocked in other parts of the world. It’s up to you to infuse your personal taste and idiosyncrasies to create a design that suit you.Take a look at the different ways to style your pocket square below and be inspired

First is the triangular fold.The triangular fold is one of the simpler and less tricky types of pocket squares. So i have placed emphasis on it.After that, there  are five other  designs you can try out.

The Triangular Fold Style of Pocket Square

Five other ways to Rock the Pocket Square

Below are five other ways to style the pocket square.

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