Igee Okafor ; On Turtlenecks & White Shirts

Igee Okafor is a lifestyle writer and blogger. Based in the diaspora, the stylish gentleman’s sense of style is well-defined, upscale and tasteful.

His Style Perspective

His perspective to lifestyle and fashion is effortlessly timeless and apparently stems from a depth of knowledge and passion.
One of his style tips is to prioritize achieving “topmost versatility in all aspect of what we wear”.

Igee On White Shirts and Turtlenecks

White shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Igee Okafor tells us that “A plain white oxford shirt is the most versatile kind of shirt you’l ever own. ”He asserts that it “serves as the perfect canvass for style trials”.

When wearing white shirts with suits, Igee Okafor says that for a classic look, men should learn to
“Simply drop the tie and unbutton your shirt. Two buttons at the most is respectable for a classic look”
Turtlenecks are another must-have for tasteful well-dressed man.
Let’s take a look at the ways Igee Okafor has worn these two classic looks and gain some style inspiration.


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