Tips to Grow Full Lustrous Beards Fast!

Tips to Grow Full Lustrous Beards Fast!There happen to be a lot of tips on the internet on how to grow full lustrous beards fast but yet again, would you rather follow the tips of an article written by an individual with no facial hair or you would rather prefer one with the experience of having to grow his own beards and decides to share? (See also BEARD GANG?THE RIGHT TYPE OF BEARD FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE )

I happen to have a full grown lustrous beard which grows fast. In fact, I am using one hand to stroke my beards and the other to type this article with a smile on my face. It feels good to share tips on how you could grow lustrous beards and fast at that. Like they say, beards are for men and a majority of women enjoy having to stroke beards on men. It automatically makes you look hot you know unlike the average man with no facial hair.

How to Grow a Full Beard Fast

It is important to know that growing a beard full and fast requires more attention than even having to take care of your hair. Below are a couple tips to adhere to if you intend getting to the stage of a full grown lustrous beard fast;


  1. BE PATIENT- GIVE THE BEARD TIME: You should know that in most individuals, the beard hardly ever grows past a certain stage then after some time, it continues increasing in length, unlike your hair that could grow so long and lustrous without pausing in growth. Usually, at the stubble phase, your beard could tend to make you look unkempt and give you that scruffy messy look but it is important to remain calm and patient as this stage is a must pass towards growing full lustrous beards fast.
  2. EXPERIENCING ITCHING? – IT WILL PASS: Majority of individuals who get to admire their colleagues with full grown lustrous beards and tend to start grooming some too usually get to quit after a while with complaints of itching. Growing beards are for men, not boys. The itching experience is a phase that would pass and only requires time to get used to. If the itching gets so bad and makes you very uncomfortable then you could get some aloe vera gel (thick substance gotten from the life plant) and apply on your skin letting it penetrate through your skin. This method gets to stop any form of itching as well as soften your skin afterward.
  3. APPLY A SOFTENER AND NOT SHAMPOO FOR COARSE BEARD GROWTH: Usually, the first sprout of beards in human tends to be rigid and coarse which could be a problem to whoever you get to make out with as it could be quite spiky to the other party. Introduce the use of softeners in form of lotions and gels and apply often. These softeners get to make your beard look all conditioned but it is a long shot aimed at growing full lustrous beards fast. Be rest assured that the feeling you get after applying softeners would keep you stroking your beards all day long like I am doing right now.
  4. IT GETS THE BUSHY LOOK EVENTUALLY: Most definitely, the first set of beard to sprout and get so long would sure give you the bushy and rebel look. This is because it would spread in every direction possible like a tree that grows sporadically without pruning. You get the look of a jungle man from the caves but this is quite sexy I tell you. Have in mind that before finally getting to the stage for grooming, the beard should be allowed growth within a time frame of 4 – 6 weeks but be patient as this is just the beginning in getting to the harder part of growing a full lustrous beard fast.
  5. PRUNING BEGINS: Now, having a full beard requires pruning just like a Bonsai tree. Trimming is essential in achieving not just a beard but a lustrous one at that. This helps to make you look more presentable when you get to step out in style and draws more positive attention to you than the cave man looks. The trimming routine gets to be a thing of Art and in Art, perfection is a basic. If you are not comfortable with trimming it properly yourself, then you should go see a professional barber to help with trimming.(See also GETTING OIL FOR THE BEARD).Well, guess it so happens to be a long time project after all. Congratulations as you are almost there in getting a fully grown lustrous beard. In this phase, it can be said that you have grown hair on your face and not beards as they are quite full. It would be important to keep it oiled so as to keep your beard nourished and also so it gets a shiny look just like the way you care for the hair on your head by applying hair cream, shampoo, conditioner and more. There is quite a variety of oils to choose from in the market but the important thing is these oils get to give your fully grown and trimmed beard the lustrous looks that you so desire. Tend not to apply it in excess but moderately so you do not look like you soaked your beard in frying oil.
  6. VERY IMPORTANTLY, NEVER FORGET TO MOISTURISE: To avoid getting dandruff on your beard as it is not only a hair on the head thing, it is important to make sure to always moisten those lustrous beards as well as the skin around it properly. Possible use of usual lotions and creams for the skin is allowed to be used for this purpose after a shower or a swim and afterward, apply beard oil. By so doing, both your skin and beard stay moisturized all day long giving you that lustrous looking.
  7. CHOOSING BETWEEN A CLIPPER AND SCISSORS: Using clippers to prune your beard could be risky as one single mistake could cost you a whole hard work of growing those beards flushed down the drain. Clippers are advisable to be used by professionals unlike scissors though takes a lot more time but quite safer to use.

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