The Afro Galax Hair Cut (Examples, How to Wear etc)

The afro galax hairstyle is a popular haircut amongst Nigerian men. It is also very versatile. This ensures that every barber and guy can add their little spins to it. Every afro galax haircut infuses the unique personality of its wearer and the skill of its barber to create an absolutely delightful work of art

The Short Afro with Fade

This type of haircut stays true to its name. It is an afro that is not so high and has slight fades. It is very popular amongst naija guys because of the fact that it is not so radical and reduces the type of negative attention that you get. Our society is very conservative and will raise eyebrows if your hairstyle is too “out-there” as a man. Hence those who want to retain respectability rock this hairstyle.

For those who want to be edgy, they go for

The Afro/Shape Up Taper or the Afro Line Up.

These styles are edgy and classic. Sleek and versatile. They can be done up or done down.

After you have gotten your haircut, one question you will want to ask is this-

How to Wear a Hat or a Snapback Over an Afro.

To answer this question, I will show you a few posts that will give you an idea. However, one side tip however is this- if you plan to take off your hat when you are outside, ensure you are with a comb/brush or whatever you use on your hair as the hat would have created unpleasant lines when you take them off.

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