Classic Yoruba Men Native Wears That are Now in Vogue

Whether we are called Yoruba demons or angels, one thing is certain, the average Yoruba man’s native style rocks!

Is it the quintessential agbada– whether white or black? Or is it is the swaggalicious caps? The average Yoruba guy knows how to turn up looking regal and classy.

One fun thing about their style is it is not cast in stone. They can easily play with with elements of their traditional attire and pick up an Igbo accessory to jazz things up.

Take a look at these Yoruba men rocking their cool native wears!

classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-11 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-10 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-9 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-8 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-7 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-6 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-5 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-2 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-4 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-3 classic-yoruba-men-native-wears-that-are-now-in-vogue-1


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