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7 Types Of Women You Shouldn’t Make the Mistake of Marrying

These types of girls are good for having a good time, maybe a fling. But if you are looking for something serious bro- look elsewhere.

These are seven types of women you should not even consider marrying.

  1. The Desperate Chick:

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    When a girl begins to run faster than her shadow in a relationship, be warned. From the first  date she is already asking to meet your family, asking  what type of wedding you want and how many kids you want. The problem with these type of girls is that they are so desperate they would take any man to feel the slot.Also their desperation makes them pretend to be all that you want. So you end up with a girl who was  pretending the whole while. Bro, be warned.

  2. The Bimbo:

    dumb as fuck
    The Bimbo is cute and most times really good in bed. But that is where it ends. Her intellectualism is point zero. All that she brings to the table is her looks. Bro, don’t get carried away by her looks . What happens when she gets older and all the beauty fall off? You end up with nothing. We haven’t even talked of the embarrassment she would occasionally cause you with her lack on intelligence. Not even the fact that she would have not mental input to pass on to the kids…Need i say more?

  3. The Over-Critical Girl:

    This chick complains about everything. The sun, her hairdresser, your curtains, the food, her friends, your friends, the gateman, the cab guy-everything is terrible. Spend too much time with her and you begin to see the gloomy side of life. Then she hides behind the “maybe i am a just a perfectionist line”.
    That is a nag is beta mode. You better run for you life.

  4. The High-Maintenance Girl:

    This wouldn’t be a problem if you were a young Dangote, The problem is you are not(most likely). So how do you deal with a girl who asked for 100 thoousand naira to buy Chinese hair on a regular, wants to go to the most expensive restaurants every other night, and knows all the high-end designers in the world? Bro, in marriage , you want a companion who would be there with you and help you build a life, not a devourer.

  5. The Gold-Digger:

    She is not hard to spot. Before you are settled in on your first date she is already directly or indirectly asking you what car you drive. She casts a side eye on your wristwatch and compliments you if they are expensive. She wants a sugar daddy.
    She is different from the high maintenance girl because she is not even interested in settling down. She just wants to dig the gold out of you till there is nothing left but “Kpangolo”.

  6. The Angry Feminist:

    Don’t get me wrong- not all feminists are angry. I love and respect women. However, there is this crop  of women you sometimes come across.They think feminism is about being constantly angry and fighting over petty things. Wife this type and no peace will be in your home. She will question everything and pass everything under her tainted feminism glasses. Be very careful bro, be very careful.

  7. The Clingy Girlfriend:

    She is so clingy, it may be a disorder. She call you 30 times a day. If you don’t pick, she keeps dialing like you are with her destiny. She wants to go everywhere with you. In fact since you started dating she has been breathing down your neck and sticking to you like superglue. Bro, if you settle down with this chick say good bye to your social life.

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