Want to Blow Her Mind in Bed? Sexologists say these 9 Sex Positions Will Do Wonders.


It’s scientifically explained and experimentally proven. These sex positions hits a woman in the right place and makes her feel the right things. Whats more? You are guaranteed to have fun yourself.

(For decency, links are provided to demos.Do not click if you are less than 18)


  1. The Snake:

    See Demo here
    According to a resident sexologist, Dr Jess, “For  men who want to help their women  to reach orgasm during inter course, The Snake tends to be a favorable position,”

  2. Tantra

    See Demo here

    The sexual benefits of practicing some form of Tantra seems to be mind-boggling; from developing the ability to be multiply orgasmic (yes, men too); to the ecstatic energetic orgasms that last way longer than most of our measly 10 second experiences, says Nikeema Lee, an intimate relationship coach and certified law of attraction guide.

  3. Cowgirl

    See demo here

    “This position is great for women struggling with achieving orgasm. Again, a common misconception is that orgasm ‘should’ only be achieved through penetration, but this is hardly the case for most women.

    Women  need clitorial stimulation and the cowgirl position is excellent for this. As you’re on top of your partner grinding back and forth (yes gentlemen, grinding, not bouncing), it simultaneously stimulates the femalecore and provides the pleasure of penetration, which leads to a fantastic orgasm,” says Dr. Yvonka.

    Take it slow, spend time on the movement of your hips forwards and backwards, and really finding the perfect balance of friction.

  4. The Cock Screw:
    See here
  5. The Golden Arch
    See here
  6. The Leap Frog
    See here
  7. The Sea Shell
    See here
  8. The Cat
    See hereFeatured Image Source :

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