5 Tactics Nigerian Women Use to Trick Men Into Marriage: Don’t Be Played

manly woman forces man to marry her

Sometimes you cant blame our Naija women.By the time they get to certain age, the society  disregards any form of success they may have accumulated and tag them a failure if they are not married. So you see them eargerly looking forward to get married.
The problem is some don’t simply look forward, they actually scheme and plan their way into a man’s use. Some seem  to be ready to do whatever it takes to “nail” a man.These are some of the tricks Naija women play just to get into your house.

1. They Play the Hardworking, Perfect , Obedient girlfriend:

manly obedient girlfriend
You know the type that never argues with you or opposes your opinion? Bro, how can you be dating a girl and you don’t find something to complain about? She’s perfect- sent from heaven. She cooks perfectly, cleans, good in bed, says yes to everything. Tell her to hop sef, she jumps at it. She is obedient to the letter.
When you see a seemingly perfect girl, you better reach for your shoes and run. She’s staging a performance for you to “hook” you. Yes- “hook”- because that is the term they use- once she “nails” you, you will see her true colors.
Take note of the words- “hook” and “nail”.

2. Becoming Ardent Church Goers:

They even join a group- most likely choir or ushering- hardly ever prayer group. They do this because they know we are visually driven creatures.That is how one brother told me when he saw his wife singing on the alter on Sunday, he knew she was the one. Yes, that is precisely why wont they flock to church.
Don’t get me wrong, there are good girls in church.But a lot of  Naija girls are now using the church as a hunting ground. Guys, shine our eyes well.


3. They Play the Virgin Card:

manly virgin girl
They understand some of us guys. We want to cruise all the cruisables in town then when it is time to settle down , we start looking for chasis, “tear rubber”, untouched.
So they play that card.
They tell you they are a virgin knowing fully well that it will speed up the process.
All na wash.When you get there you will meet an expressway wider that Lagos/Ibadan Expressway and well worn with pot holes so you know it was opened a long time ago. Be warned my friend.

4. Getting Pregnant:

manly pregnant girl
Why do you think there are so many babymamas in town? Guys are quickly wising up and have refused to fall into that pit.Though some of us responsible ones know that it is not right  to have kids out of wedlock hence we are forced to marry the women that get pregnant for us.
When you find a girl that goes “come inside me”, “no condom”,  is neither worried, careful nor takes precautions, you better be warned before she tells you Junior is one his way and you find yourself walking down the aisle.

5. Sucking up to his family:

Now there is nothing wrong with a girl trying to please  a man’s family.That’s also a sign of love. But when she has turned this act to something else, be careful.

Do you  know that some girls would locate your family house before you even take them there? They become everybody’s favorite till everyone starts singing in your ears that she is the one for you. Before you say jack Robinson, she would have cornered you using your own family as a tool.

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