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5 Things Every Man Should Tell His Child

father and son

Words are powerful.They have the power to build up, and destroy. Moreso the words of a father to a child.These are some of the words you should speak to his child to make positive lasting influence on them


  1. “I Love You:”

    A lot of us who were raised by traditional Nigerian fathers and never really had the “luxury” of hearing our fathers say these words to us. They probably assumed that the child knows that they love them. A child is young and impressionable- make it a point to tell your kids you love them. The female child needs this even more as it builds their confidence.Do not say it flippantly.Mean it when you say it and back it up with action.

  2. “I’m Proud of You”:

    Casually patting the back of your child when they do things that make you proud is  not enough. Sometimes- say it out loud. It makes them feel good and encourages the repetition of that act.

  3. “I Believe You Can”:

    A child’s innocent heart learns to believe and act out what he/she is told. Speaking words of faith into a child slowly builds an image. Overtime they evolve into optimistic adults who boldly go after their dreams.

  4. “We Can Do This:”

    These words lets them know that you are in their corner.A child should always know that no matter what happens in life, they have someone to help them through this.

  5. “You Can Do This:

    Even though you want your child to know they can depend on you- you als want to ,e arly on, build a sense of independence in them.You want them to know that they can achieve great things and solve problems on their own. Say these words to them once in a while. Do not always be in a hurry to solve a problem.Let them do it on their own.These words will help them realize than they can.

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