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Top Ten Nigerian Dating Sites to Get Single Ladies’ Phone Numbers

Nigerian single ladies
Nigerian single girls and their phone numbers

You see, searching for love is a serious business, trust me I know. It a full time job on its own. Get it right and you will be on your way to a life of ‘happy ever after’s’ get it wrong and …oh well…

Thankfully, there are numerous dating sites that have sprung up in Nigeria in recent times, saving the singles a lot of trouble and stress and are also a very the fast way to meet your true love.

Guys, today, we are on your side in the love adventure as we bring you top ten Nigerian dating sites to get single ladies phone numbers without stress


“Hey badoo…badoo… remember that song lol. Just kidding. This dating App reminds me of the song by one of our popular artists in Nigeria.  

Badoo is a dating site founded in 2006 by a Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev. This dating site displays to you people who live close to you and those you may know. Badoo has features that can enable users meet and find people based on age, location and gender. Nigerians have the chance to see and contact people who live near them, those who they have ‘stumbled’ upon in the process of using the site and also see those who live in different cities or countries.

Interestingly there is the ‘Encounters’ feature which is free. It allows the users swipe ‘yes’ or ‘No’ through other users pictures. Both users receive a notification if there is a mutual ‘yes’. It’s so simple right?

Although we know badoo isn’t a Nigerian dating site per se, Badoo is without a doubt one of the most popular dating sites in Nigeria, in fact, a high percentage of badoo users are live in Lagos and as at 2015, it was the most downloaded dating app in Nigeria according to the British Broadcasting Corporation.


One of the top ten Nigerian dating sites that guys can get single ladies phone numbers without getting some much frustrated is the Nigerian – site. This platform encourages meeting new singles of the opposite sex by enlisting to be a member of the online dating community on this site for free.  Here users can chat, set up meeting and date. If you are lucky and set the pace right you may be walking down the aisle in no time. Interestingly, this site is open for Nigerians living in diaspora too.


This dating platform has thousands of singles, men , women, boys, girls , all ready to engage with other users all that needs to be done is create a profile on this dating site which is free of course and you will have unlimited access to mingle, chat, browse and meet up with single women of your choice.

Whatever your speck of ladies are, you can find them all on Just search for the names and voila! And different shades of girls from all the states in Nigeria pops up on your screen. However, this is not just a dating site for females only, you can search out boys’ names too.

Majority of people vouch for this dating site and it has been termed one of the Top ten Nigerian dating sites where you can meet ladies and get their phone numbers without hassle.

There are a lot of good reports about this dating site. Not only does the offer dating services and all, it has a forum where relationship tips are discussed and articles to help keep your relationship together. On this site, you can meet and add up new members, browse through their photos and interact with them. With a little luck guys you may just be able to hook with ‘the one’ and getting her number will be no big deal.

Absolutely free, this Nigerian dating website is no doubt amongst the leading Nigerian dating sites to get singles phone numbers. Here, you get to meet thousands of Nigerian ladies from all walks of life! There are features on the App to help you narrow down your search to the particular ethnic group of your choice.

Are you tired of just sitting around waiting for love to find you? is the best dating site for you. You do not have to do too much to join this community just register and the hookup community will search out the best matches that are just right for you. You can also search out your choice and take it up from there without stress. falls among the best dating sites in Nigeria.

One of the best Nigerian dating website, is free and offers exceptional user friendly and secured dating services. It is specifically for singles of the Christian religion and members have the benefit of sharing videos and photos, browsing and reading latest happenings and events and also play games with other users. It is the fastest growing website in Nigeria as at now.


Naijing is a Nigerian dating app but unfortunately, it has no desktop version. It is mobile friendly and very easy to mingle with people who are looking for relationships as well.  


Guys, don’t be surprised that facebook is on this list. Facebook is still a social network app in case you were wondering if something had changed and you didn’t get the memo.  However, in Nigeria, facebook has helped tremendously in linking people of the opposite sex. It is indeed one of the most powerful dating sites in Nigeria today. There are numerous dating site pages that have sprung up on face books with majority of them boasting of over 100,000 likes.

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