10 Top Things Men Want to Hear in Bed

10 Top Things Men Want to Hear in Bed

Quite a number of things every man would love to hear in bed and these things not only puts a big smile on the faces of men who are opportune to hear their partners say it, but they even wish the whole world could hear it as well as the excitement that comes with the voice tone when said.


Some of these things that could drive any m=Nigerian man crazy in bed just hearing it are;

  1. “I AM COMING (CUMMING)”: Nothing drives a Nigerian man crazy more than this word, “I am coming” which we all know is hardly said by women. Nigerian men not only want to hear you say this over and over again but also would love you to say it so loud the next door neighbors should be aware he is pounding you real hard and good at that.
  2. “BABE, YOU ARE SO GOOD SMASHING ME”: Even just for fixing a bulb, Nigerian men would appreciate any chance whatsoever they get at any compliments given by the woman of the house. I do not know why the mentality, but many Nigerian men would tell you they are not appreciated and so when the compliment comes, it is exclusively sweet to the ears so now picture her telling you in bed she loves the way you smash on her- the kind of joy and gladness that envelopes such a lucky man is immeasurable.
  3. “YOU ARE SO HUGE AND BIG DOWN THERE, YOU MAKE ME FULL”: This speaks directly about the male genitalia and not about weight. Most women love it big as it fills them all up when they take it in. No woman wants to be penetrated with something she does not feel inwards like putting a pen in a bowl (if you know what I mean). When a Nigerian man hears this, it helps boost his confidence that at least he got something remarkable but then again, the question is, “Do you know how to use it?”
  4. “WOW, THIS IS THE BESTEST I EVER HAD”: Say this just one more time and you would see every man who happens to be told this either dark or fair in complexion, blushing. This alone makes a man so proud and full of himself in most cases. Most times, some men reply by saying, “you sure have not been getting the right D, welcome to my world baby”. Whatever the case might be, be sure she would always come back for more and each time, do not let her down. First impression paves the way for more opportunities.
  5. “DAMN BABE, YOU JUST WON A LOTTERY”: Even outside of the bed, just hearing “won” and “lottery” together gets your heart racing fast talk less when you are been told in bed by your woman. It only gets better when you know your last bet9ja game just finished and your ticket came out all green even when she rides and you pound on. A woman whose presence brigs you good luck should not be toyed with, she is your lottery to the bigger games.
  6. “I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WET NEITHER HAVE I CUM LIKE THAT BEFORE”: The GBWR (Guinness book of World Record) kicked started with people who set records for themselves and broke them after wards just to beat their limits by making it higher. Just having to tell we men this alone cools our mind like licking tom-tom with cold water. It gives a soothing relief that yes, our woman is very well fed and also quite satisfied and we happen to be the first. Nothing like a woman letting you know you just broke a record positively on her body in bed.
  7. “TAKE ME TO HEAVEN BABY, DO WITH ME AS YOU PLEASE”: Once upon a time…True life story for another day. Anyway, when a woman says this then I call to mind the saying which goes, “be careful what you wish for” (*evil grin*). This one ‘dey burst Nigerian man head’. Sorry I had to use pidgin to describe that but just because I did not know a sweeter way to put it in English. When a woman tells a man this in bed, it not only boosts his agility and passion but also his appetite and lustful desire to devour. Any woman who says this always lives to come again and again wanting for more.
  8. I AM SHAKING: This is a life proof as well as testimony that whatever we just finished or we are still on is good stuff and it is not you just putting up an act. When it is a good one, most times you feel a woman vibe and restless on you with her trying to speak but the words are broken not because she cannot say the words but because the vibes you are sending to her body is quite a large watt of voltage but when she does, know she officially just got iced. Good one, you did a great job working her body up.
  9. BABE, YOU ARE AWESOME, I WOULD NOT MIND IF YOU GO TO THE GAMES BUT THEN AGAIN, I HAVE NO PLANS MYSELF”: Well done sir, she just indirectly told you one more for the road would not be a bad idea and just hearing this makes any man ditch his friends he planned on watching the games with just for “one for the road” which turns out to be twos, threes and maybe the whole day affair. How well did you beat her up that she just would let you go but not let you go? (TOP 10 POSITIONS NIGERIAN MEN LIKE TO USE IN BED)
  10. “BABE, LET US PUT OFF OUR PHONES ALL WEEKEND”: Tell any man this and it would seem like he just won a jackpot. You cannot imagine the expression on a man’s face after hearing this. As far as I am concerned, I would not only put off my phone but also take off the battery after hearing such a request.

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