Top 10 Best Position Nigerian Men Use in Bed

Top 10 Best Position Nigerian Men Use while making Love

Every  man who is skillful and active in bed has quite a number of positions he makes his favorite depending on his mood or how he feels during a making love escapade. These positions could vary but here are top 10  positions every Nigerian Man would have a favorite from when making love;



This usually happens to be a lot of men’s favorite because it actually lets them be in control allowing the woman’s hip to sway freely as well as the advantage to steal kisses while at it and intimate gazes. This position also helps allow you both set a pace all at once by the woman guiding the man. Most times, to go faster, you grab him while you rock your body back and forth on his groin while to reduce the paste, the woman grabs a hold on his hips and slowly guides his pace. Many including myself loves this one.



This is actually for those who enjoy a massive behind in their woman. It gets to give you the perfect view and vibes as well as the booty bounce when she rocks you back and forth. Many women actually enjoy twerking with this position and trust me this is a must try if you have not ever done so. Though there is not any much of exchange of gazes except of course she turns her head around briefly to take an intimate gaze at you which could actually drive the intimacy more.



The most talked about position all over the world. To be honest, I am not really a fan and I hardly even do it though. This position causes for deeper penetration and if you are a man with a long manhood, then I would advise you either do not do this position or be gentle at it so you do not rupture your partner’s womb. If as a woman you get to be having just a little much of the D, then let him know for your sake as communication is one of the major features in enjoying intercourse.



Every guy or majority of guys if being asked what they enjoy in bed, it would be said that pleasing your s3xual appetite would be the answer. This brings us to this position which puts her in the driving position to cruise through the ecstasy. This actually allows the woman set her own pace and enjoy what she is doing to the fullest and trust me, guys are always satisfied whatever way you decide to go, just ride away to cum-island.



Sometimes, the whole lieing down thing could get boring and it is not just enough with all the sweat and soaked sheets, just maybe it is time to do the stand-up position and all the woman does is palm the wall while the man strokes continuously from beneath. This could include bending you over the table or the kitchen cabinets and it is the best position for an office escapade also known as a quickie.



This is a super really intimate position. This position gives a man total control and access to every part of the woman’s body while stroking back and forth as well as gives the woman access to touch herself and fondle with her bells in between her legs as well as on her chest. This position is ultimately recognized and does not take much energy and is well enjoyed when the strokes are gentle carefully taken ones. Even after a cum and climax, you both could still comfortably remain that way and get a quick nap to wake up and continue from where you left off. This gets intense when she has to twist her entire body like though she was a reptile and turn her head around to steal quick kisses and neck bites.



Just like you see the dance in parties, you could play the game in the comfort of your room by having a comfortable chair pulled out, the man sits and then the woman comes on top and rides while taking paces in dance moves. It is actually doper with a slow music on and maybe an erotic one at that like the “Kranium- nobody needs to know” or the “Rihana- Skin” amongst others. The plus when compared to the normal lying on the bed and having her on top is that you as the man are super close to all of her goodies and kisses get to flow as well as nibbles on every body parts.



This position could pass for missionary but has a slight difference as this position sees the woman body a bit higher upwards and bent to one side. The man’s chest appears to be closer to her shoulders instead of being chest to chest as with the missionary position. This position helps to allow constant contact with her clitoris during stroking back and forth.



This position is also known as the head rush position. This involves the man rolling over to the edge of the bed with half off his body off the bed head wards toward the ground but with his butt to legs firmly on the bed while the woman comes on top and straddles you steadfastly. This position allows for all of your blood to start flowing downwards to your head and trust me when I say it only gets better when you finally raise your head up.




Also known as the hamstring stretch position features you with your knees to the ground while she lies with her back on the bed. Raising one of her legs and supporting the other with her hands, it paves way for her hamstring to be firm for your penetration. This allows her to be able to move with your tempo while you go back and forth.

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