10 Top Things Nigerian Men Hate in Bed

10 Top Things Nigerian Men Hate in Bed

Quite a lot of men expect more from a woman in the bedroom most especially during intercourse or intimacy as the case may be. But there are usually certain habits or doings women do that put men off and it is worse or should I say more annoying when it occurs during the act.

It could be vice versa but then again, this article is speaking for men and not the opposite gender.

In this article, I would be highlighting 10 of this things that put men off which they hate in bed below;


Most men enjoy women who are confident in their body as well as themselves but when it so happens that you are 50 shades of shy, this could really be a major turn off for most men and I am not excluded. This could involve always looking for the nearest clothing to cover up or wanting the light always turned off or having to run to the bathroom to clean up all the time. What is the problem here if the question is to be asked?


This weakens every man and if a man already had a hard on, it depletes immediately. Why in the first place would you ever think of bringing your ex-boyfriend or husband and even if they were not ex and it just happens to be with one of your man friends with benefits, it still does not mean you should pop up conversations about any other guy you have gotten intimate with. It automatically sets the mood off.


I t is not going to be a crime if you tell your man that you did not get to climax and maybe work other ways around getting you there other than faking it. Trust me when I say we men are not fools for we know when a woman actually decides to fake an orgasm. It is not cool, so try not to.


Come on now, we should just stick to the fact that we just went through a moment of s3xual togetherness and not an interview. Many at times, most women get to the questions and answer section and ask a lot of silly provoking questions. Why for heaven’s sake would you ask, “Do I fvck you better than your wife?” I personally would fling you aside if you happen to be on top. Just stick to what we are doing and if there are questions to be asked, it should relate to helping us attain greater pleasurable momemnts.


Forming the habit of always telling your man that you are tired before s3x and maybe you get to manage to agree to the first round which was actually boring in such cases only provokes a man. No matter your level or job type or whether you are the bread winner, when it comes to the bedroom, it should be a different ball game entirely. Stop being tired and be a partner to your man.


Many who are familiar with s3x know what I am talking about. This is when the woman decides to just lay there on the bed like a log of wood doing nothing and showing no expressions whatsoever. Come on, do you have a conscience? That alone can make any man not want to ever touc you again. If you are angry for the work place, then talk it out with your man over a good s3xual phase rather than put your man off.


This could be quite disgusting I must say. After the charade and make outs, pulling of your undies and the room is captured with a fish market smell (if you know what I mean). That is the height of any major turn off and men hate this so so much in bed. You need to always take care of yourself and clean up often as wel as possibly use pant liners to absorb any moist flow as well as see the doctor just to check you are free from infections. Please do not come and kill us as we asked for intimacy not suicide.


Please and please, do not try this. What would actually make you cry during s3x? It just feels weird in the air. Makes a man feel like he is hurting you or maybe tking advantage of you or so I think while you in question, how would you feel riding a crying man? Does that sound normal in anyway to you? Men hate crying women in bed especially during intercourse. If you have something hurting then say so from the onset before the mood is all wrapped up. Don’t kill a man’s vibe.


Getting to talk out of context and quite a lot during intimate activities in bed is a turn off for any man. Just keep it down and concentrate on what you both are doing rather than blab about the mango on the tree being ripe or something irrelevant as such. Do not talk too much either even if it relates to the moment, be mysterious. Men love mystery.


In my case, I would prefer you even over talk than keep mute all through the time in bed with you. Why in heaven’s sake should you be mute in the first place|? It only shows your lack of interest and gives this vibe to your man that he is forcing you do what you do not want to do and it could be quite provoking to any man in bed. Say something but not much, be nice, play around with sweet words while you hold and caress his body. Let him know you are partaking fully in what is happening and you actually enjoy it. Praise him if need be, comment how he scents and how you like it. Just talk but be guided accordingly.

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