#WorldHealthDay: Things You Never Knew Could Affect Your Ability to Perform in Bed

 Image by © moodboard/Corbis

Image by © moodboard/Corbis

You probably already know the obvious things that can affect your libido such as stress. How’s about we celebrated today, World Health Day by Looking at other key thing that Can Affect Your Libido?

  1. Sleep:

Sleep is a basic biological necessity. When you deprive your body of sleep, it affect your sex drive.

  1. Eating Too Much:

    Bro, cut down on the food if you really want to impress that girl inbed. It would be difficult if you to move properly if you feel heavy and lazy

  2. Alcohol:

    Apart from the fact a drunken you would irritate your partner, alcohol would lead to premature ejaculation. Not good, bro, not good.




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