This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend & She Completely Changed the Way they Had Sex


On Instagram there is this relationship page called Break Or Make Us.

This newly engaged guy shared his sex problem and it is confusing.

Take a look

“My name is Tom and I just engaged my girlfriend, but I noticed something, as soon as I put that ring on her finger, her attitude towards me changed.

Normally she does not make a sound when we make love, even if I pound her hard or spank her, she is always so stiff, most times I beg her to moan for me and she will says she is not the moaning type.

I decided to overlook it and accepted it as part of her. When I go down on her, you will see her holding the pillow, dragging the bed sheets but she will never make a sound, you could see that she is bottling it up inside. I will beg her to just even fake it for me, she says no that only sluts moan.

But immediately I engaged her, this girl started embarrassing me with noise, she will scream the whole house down, screaming for nothing, even when I have not started making love to her she will scream and ask for water.

Sometimes I will just be kissing her and she is shouting annoyingly, that everyone could hear her not even in a romantic way (Tom, TomTom, easy please easy Tom, you will kill me Tom, You will injure me Tom. Oya go deep Tom, Tom stop it, Tom faster, Tom Tom) and it just gets my erection so weak.

I’m getting really pissed and confused .

Please is she faking? And why will she start now cause of a ring? Was her quietness a way to make me propose?”

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