Why Do Men Cheat? The Reasons No One Wants to Confess


The reason why men cheat has always been a mystery amongst women. Here are some of the reasons men cheat that no one will tell you about.
1. Because They Can:
Ever wondered why a Nigerian man would cheat shamelessly on his black wife and tell you he can’t help it? You would be surprised to see that same man will date another girl- maybe a white one -and not cheat one bit.
Why is that? A lot of men- Nigerian men in particular have been spoiled into believing that they are free to cheat without repercussions. Hence they cheat. He knows you won’t leave, you’ll sit your ass there and chuck it up. He probably saw it happen with his parents. He is probably seeing it all around him, now his psychology is wired that way. Men can cheat. So he cheats.
The moment he realizes you won’t sit around and chuck it up, he would adjust himself (that’s if he loves you)
2. He Doesn’t Love You:
A man will continue to search for something if he consciously or unconsciously feels you are not good enough for him. So instead of breaking up with one and moving on to the other, he would rather keep a woman on the side-bench while he plays others. Rotating and rotating till he finds that one that is good enough to hold him down.
3. He Thinks You Are Unfaithful:
Unfaithfulness comes in different angles- maybe you are emotionally or sexually unfaithful. Once a man senses that you are not 100% loyal to him, he begins to stray.
What are the other reasons you think men cheat?
Please share in the comment section below- a lot of people want to know

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