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4 Simple Tricks for Taking Enough Alcohol Without Getting Drunk drinking right

There’s nothing as embarrassing as being seen as a man who can’t hold his drinks. You should be able to comfortably take a reasonable number of bottles/shots and not mess up.

So how do you do this? I’l give you some tricks i learnt.

  1. Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach:

    I noticed that if i drink when i am hungry, i get drunk faster. It was later i found out that it is because the level of alcohol in your blood is affected by the rate at which food leaves your stomach. If you have food in your system, it will take time to get digested. This would reduce the levels of blood alcohol.
    Way out? Eat before drinking, grab a snack if you find yourself at a party.

  2. Take Lots of Water:

    Alcohol makes you pee more which in turn makes you feel dehydrated. Dehydration on the other hand speeds up drunkenness and would make you feel dizzy really fast. The way out- have a bottle of water or two at hand to keep yourself hydrated.

  3. Avoid Drinking too Much If You Are Tired:

    Tiredness will lead to a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood because of a reduction in the metabolic activities of the liver. More so, alcohol is a depressant which will only amplify the effects of tiredness along with the normal effects of alcohol. As such, get as much sleep as you can a night before you party hard.

  4. Choose Your Drinks Wisely

    Alcoholic drinks such as Red wine, Whiskey, and Rum contain more congeners. These are chemicals that cause headaches and affects your sense of inhibition. It is best you avoid sugary drinks which can increase your blood sugar levels quickly and crash them suddenly too. This will cause tiredness and headaches which I bet you don’t want.

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