6 Reasons a Working Class Lady Would Make a Better Wife

working class lady

A friend asked me a question yesterday- should he marry a working class lady or go for an undergraduate? My answer to him prompted me to write this post. These are 4 advantages you enjoy when you marry a working class lady.

  1. Maturity:
    Though age is not a guarantee of maturity, odds are, a working class lady would have gone past the childishness and immaturity of the earlier years to a calm , more settled demeanor. They are usually more mature and have, to an extent, sharpened the rough edges of their characters which makes for a smoother relationship and eventually marital life.
  2. Better Money Management Skill:
    She has probably experienced what it takes to make money, so she is more conscientious with her spending. You do not have to teach her the rudiments of budgeting , saving and managing, she already understands it.
  3. She is a Helper Financially:
    When you are down, financially, you know there is someone to help out.Some men get  laid off and no one knows- because the wife is working.While other men would get laid off and their things would be thrown on the streets by the landlord- why? no other source of income.
  4. She Works to Make It Work:
    That was not a typo.At this stage, she understands the importance of having a stable home so she puts an effort to make it work. A friend married a 20 year old girl , 2 years later, the marriage was in shambles.The girl had moved out, back to her mum’s and had left the kid with her husband. I spoke to the wife and all i kept hearing was flimsy excuses. A more mature mind would have known how to keep her marriage together.
    These attributes are not exclusive to working class women, but odds are they would have them. However, at the end of the day, it up to you.

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