7 Top Reasons Women Reject Marriage Proposals


Most women dream of the day their men will go down on one knee and propose to them.So its no wonder it is surprising that some women actually say no when his day comes.

This happens a lot more often than you can imagine but we never really hear about it.In case you have heard, or it happened to you, don’t be bummed- these are the top reasons women reject marriage proposals from their men

What Percentage of Marriage Proposals are Rejected?

The percentage of marriage proposals that are rejected varies wildly depending on the sex of the individual proposing. Ladies who go on their knees to propose to a man often have a 95% rejection rate as opposed to who suffer a 20% rate of rejection.

Dealing with a Marriage Proposal Rejection

How do you deal with a marriage proposal rejection? First take heart. The fact that she rejected your proposal is not the end of the world! You should neither feel angry nor feel sad about it!
Secondly, under less tense atmosphere, gently ask her why she rejected your proposal. Don’t be emotional about it even if she flares up and tries to start an argument. Remember- this is not about just her, you need to ascertain, with a clear head, what the problem it. This is usually the hardest part. Once you are able to , objectively, discover what the problem is, the solution becomes a breeze!

Why Do Ladies Reject Marriage Proposals?

  1. He Proposed as a Reconciliation Strategy:
    Do you know some of us men actually use the ring to try to win our women back.We know they want it so, out of desperation, we go and get a ring, go down and one knee and hope she takes us back. Some smart women see through this and reject the proposal.
  2. Financial Independence:
    Weird as it seems, some Nigerian women actually want to be financially independent.So if they are at a point where they don’t have any source of income they may actually reject your proposal.They don;t want to be a liability who”asks their husbands for money for salt”
  3. You are too attached to your Family:
    Yes if your girl comes second after your family, if she notices that you are a puppet who can be easily controlled by any one in your family to your personal space, there is a probability that she wouldn’t want to become a casualty of your refusal to be a man.Hence she would reject your proposal
  4. Proposal Method & Ring Choice:
    Yes Women have fantasies about how they want their wedding rings and proposals to be.Don’t get me wrong- not every girl wants pomp and pageatry but they all want it to be in a particular way. If you fall short they may reject your proposal
  5. She Feels She Is Too Young:
    If a girl feels she is too young and needs more time, she may ask for more time or out rightly reject your proposal.

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