I Want to Get Married; Realistic Ways to Achieve This!

cOUPLE GETTING MARRIEDTelling yourself you want to get married is not a bad thing.Humans were made for relationships and we were all created to desire a special kind of relationship that comes with marriage.

So when you keep wanting to get married.-, understand this- it is perfectly normal and natural. And you should expect your desires to come through!  


“I Want to Get Married”- About It Happening Fast!

Getting married is not a thing to be rushed into.Ever heard of the marriage quote- “Don’t Rush In SO You Don’t Rush Out?

Exactly. It is better to do it right than to make a mistake and be scarred for life!

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Steps To Get Married As Soon As Possible

  1. Know Yourself:
    Take a candid look at yourself and do an analysis.You may need to ask people close to you to tell you things about you that they think are negative and should change.They should also share the positives and the things you obviously like.
  2. Know What You Want:
    What do you want in  a partner? Do you want  a traditional minded person who wants their partner to take on the traditional roles our forefathers took.Or do you want a liberal person or maybe a feminist?
    Take time to think about who you want a!
  3. Know What You Cannot Tolerate:
    Can you tolerate a man who depends on you for money.Can you tolerate a woman who is so career driven that she wants to push childbirth till she is 40? You have to decide now so you don’t get into trouble by being with the wrong person.
  4. Map Out a Plan to :
    Your plan to meet a partner should involve getting out more and meeting more people.The more people you meet the more your options are.! Learn how to meet new people, start a conversation- both online and offline without being creepy.Are you a shy person- it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.Don’t take care of your appearance? It’s time to start paying attention!
  5. Be Willing to SEARCH:
    Searching means you will find a lot of weird things that are not yours! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find who you want immediately.Keep searching
  6. Dont Settle:
    Related to my previous point, don’t manage and settle for anyone.

I Want to Get Married!: Dating Sites

Most dating sites such as Tinder have been turned by prostitutes and whore-monger into a place for prostitution and picking up prostitutes.The trends with these sites when they first start out is to be great. After a while, they get taken over by prostitutes.So it may not be the best place to expect results.Don’t get me wrong, you may be able to find good man or woman on there but you have to be willing to dig through a lot of dirt and kiss a lot of frogs.

The dating sites i will recommend are not really dating site.Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Yes.Those place.Like i said in my previous post.

Look forward to meeting people and put yourself out there more!

Don’t be so desperate that every meeting must turn into dating and marriage but develop and enjoy meeting and interacting with people.That is the secret.The more you meet people, interact the more you are likely to meet your life partner.

Don’t Be Desperate Because of Marriage.

The way animals smell fear, is the same way the opposite sex can smell desperation and it turns people off. Calm down,relax and get to know the other person

Why Do You Want to Get Married So BADLY?

The desire to get married is natural innate and there is nothing wrong with it.As i said earlier, it is part of human nature to desire and seek companionship.

However, another reason you may be desirous of getting married may be society, family or peer pressure. Whenever you feel like getting married badly, take out time to really examine your desires and motive- is it because you genuinely want a companion to build a life with or are you just looking for a slave to do your chores or an atm machine to vomit money for you or maybe you just want someone to get married to because Sade ,Tola and Diane are getting married too?

Examine yourself and you will find the answer.


Why is Marriage Not Happening?

If marriage is not happening yet, ask yourself- have you taken the right steps as listed about.If you are in the process and it is not happening yet, don’t worry.Be patient.It will happen! Maintain a positive demeanor, enjoy life and the right person will come along!

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