What Should Be in Your Grooming Kit As a Stylish Man(& How to Use Them)


It is essential for men, Nigerian or not to take good care of their appearance. What makes a man attractive? Is it his physique? The big biceps threatening to rip his shirt apart? Or a well-groomed appearance; a man who knows how to keep himself clean and appear neat.


Some of us know a few Nigerian men who look like they’ve been hit by a hurricane… Shirt wrongly buttoned, trousers rumpled, their hair looking like it has never seen a comb in a decade, and nails …please don’t get us started.

In contrast to the above, there are those men who look like they’ve just walked out of a billboard or fashion magazine. Does this then mean there are two species of men in this world? Nah. The difference?


Nigerian Guys, know this. Quality grooming is part of your style. You cannot claim to be stylish without good grooming, and to properly take care of your appearance, there are things that should be made readily available to you.

What are the top things that should be in your grooming kit and how should you use them? Let’s find out



Yes. That strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair. Yeah that one! Combs are among the top things that should be in your grooming kit guys. Gone are the days when men thought that combs and brushes existed only for the girls. Combs may not be technical compared to other grooming gadgets but they are really important; same as brushes too. There are a lot of combs and brushes to select from so get the one that best suits you, for your beards, for your hair and be sure to know how to use them. Run them gently through your hair, never in a hurry or haphazardly until the desired smoothness is achieved. Discard combs or brushes that have missing bristles as this may cause your hair to break.



Investing in a good cologne is the expression of manliness. From making you appear powerful, confident and less stressed cologne, should be one of the top things that should be in your men’s grooming kit.



Hot weather and stress should be in listed as two of man’s worst enemy. Guys, when the sweat comes rolling, do not sweat it. Get for your selves good antiperspirant that will keep you feeling nice and dry. It is advisable to go for spray antiperspirant because they tend to last longer and do not stain.

Manicure Set


Being busy is no excuse for keeping long, dirty and irritating nails. Agreed, we do not expect that you spend your day in the saloon treating your nails or anything but it wouldn’t hurt to include a manicure set among the top things you should have in your grooming kit. In the manicure set, you have the tweezers used for plucking out Hair and removing ingrown hairs, cuticle or nail scissors used to trim tiny hangnail, nail clippers used to trim the finger nails or toe nails and then, there is the nail file used to gently shape the nails.

Cleansing or exfoliating Brush

Instead of using your fingers, sponge or towel, try the cleansing or exfoliating brush. It is a great way of removing dirt and other debris you may have picked up during the day. .The cleansing brush should be among the top things you should have in your grooming kit because it is especially in getting rid of dead skin from the face, boosting blood circulation and helps you avoid ingrown hairs on your chin. It comes highly recommended for men with beards.

Gently massage the bristles of the brush into your skin with circular motion while applying light pressure.

Beard Trimmer


The beard trimmer is one of the things to have in your grooming kit. This can save you from unnecessary expense at your barbers. Also, it is advisable to keep your beards trimmed every few days to avoid you looking like a caveman. Avoid old and blunt beard trimmers because they’ll not give you the desired look or may even hurt you in the process of getting your beards trimmed. Go for something that will do an effective job of dealing with your facial hair at a go.

Toothbrush (Electric or Manual)

Yes Naija guys, this is one of the things that should make it into your grooming kit. You may be wondering why an electric toothbrush? Well, unlike the manual toothbrush which we all are so used too, the electric toothbrush are handier when it comes to removing and reducing dental plague and reduces the chances of getting an  inflamed gum. Although people may argue that both manual and electric toothbrush are equally effective, the idea here is to just brush the teeth regularly and effectively.

Body Trimmer

The body trimmer is used to remove undesired body hairs which basically are hairs. It is easier and safer that using a razor especially when it comes to ‘clearing out’ the pubic area just by pressing the button

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