How to Look Younger as A Man

how to look younger as a man

Do you know that feeling that grips your heart when you take a peek at the mirror and catch a glimpse of wrinkle or a strand of grey hair? I do!  Truth is, no one likes the idea of aging but unfortunately it is something that must happen to each and every one of us. We simply cannot control it. However, what we can control is looking older.

Man looking younger than his actual age.

How do you look younger as a man? A male friend of mine had once complained bitterly to me a while back about how we, women had it easy when it came to looking younger or half their age with so many beauty products and cosmetics available in the market a woman could use to take care of her skin and even complexion. Well true, but are the men really left out in the beauty routine and quest to look younger? No. There are ways a man too can look like a million bucks younger

Here are a few tips for you guys.

Cutting Down on Fat & Sugar will Help you Look YoungerC

The fastest way to gather up fat is to take a lot of sugar. And fat is a no, no when you are on a quest to look younger and feel great. Belly pouch will not give you that younger look you crave for.

So, drop the coke and reduce your intake of beer. Ditch the sweets and you will be surprised at that change. You will definitely begin to feel a change in your body. Too much consumption of Sugar can attack your skin’s elastin and collagen leaving you with a blotched and uneven skin tone. So, instead of consuming these factory sugar and granulated sugar, you can go for a little honey. Work out regularly to burn the fat especially those stored up in your tummy.

Groom your hair and trim your facials regularly.

As you advance in age, always make sure to keep a well-trimmed and neat hair. Keep in mind that whatever hair style you rocked in your younger days may not look so great on you as you grow older and more matured. A man with a well shaved beard naturally looks younger than one with a full on beard but hey, it’s all about choice. If your hair has begun thinning (bald) you can opt to go shave off your hair completely or choose to keep your hair really low. You can also cover up your grey hair (if you are not comfortable with it) by choosing a more natural color of hair dye.  

You cannot look younger as a man if you have hairs sticking out of your ears and nose, or crazy beards and bumps all over your jaw and wildly scattered moustache above your lips, fighting to get into your mouth. Man, trim it all up! Let your barber shave off the crazy hairs or you can do it in the comfort of your home by yourself. And oh! Don’t forget the chest hairs too.

Invest in a good body lotion and face cream for a Fresh Skin

I think it’s high time to burst the myth that only women have access to beauty products in the market. No. guys, there are a lot of beauty products for you all out there that will help in rejuvenating your skin and flushing out dead skin cells and can keep your skin from breaking out in patches, leaving you with a healthier shinier skin for that youthful look you so desire. You can get them in trusted stores. After bath each morning, never forget to generously apply body lotion on every part of your body. your skin needs the moisture.

Drink a lot of water, Eat healthy, Get rest Make You Skin Look Younger

As you grow older, your body will begin to wear down easily, not functioning the way it used to when you were much younger. O to look younger and feel younger, you must take good care of your body and be cautious of what you east. What goes into your body is what comes out of it. Garbage in garbage out right? So, drink plenty of water, never get tired of this. Eat healthy more vegetables, less junk. Quit smoking, run away from beer parlors and bars and always exercise.

Dazzle with your Smile

A stony face never looked attractive to anyone, and never made anyone younger. Wear a bright smile at all times, you can even begin to practice giving a smile to those you come in contact with every day. Now, am not saying you should go about shining your teeth at every person you meet on the streets, if you do then you’d appear crazy. But to those you come in contact with on a daily basis, always have a smile ready and you will be amazed at how good you will begin to feel and look.

Having said that, work on your teeth. Floss regularly after each meal. No one appreciates teeth smiling at them with particles of vegetable and “kpomo” stuck in-between. Brush regularly and endeavor to visit a dentist to clean up your teeth often.

Dress up

You really want to work on looking younger as a man? Then this is really important. Change your wardrobe. Invest in good clothes, nice and stylish suits, blazers, good shoes, quality wristwatches, fitted jeans, sun glasses and every other fashionable item in vogue. Ditch items that have long gone out of season. Get your tailor to create stylish designs for you that will suit your body perfectly well. If you begin to notice lines of wrinkles around your eye area, you can conceal them with a good glasses that suits the structure of your face

Take Supplements, Fruits

We all know that as we advance in age, our body ceases to make nutrients as before. Take multivitamins. And purchase a lot of fruits too.

Good luck guys, as you follow these tips on how to look younger as a man

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