Top 15 Grooming Tips To Guide Every Stylish Man

Like M.I Abaga once said, “ how you appear, is the price you are”. Every man should know how to perfectly groom himself in every aspect of his appearance. From his facial hair styles, to his beard and even his skin and nails to his cologne etc.  Let’s take a look at 15 randomly yet important grooming tips that should guide every stylish man

15 Grooming Tips Every Nigerian Man Should Know

These 15 put together tips are just for you to be able to look your best at all time and here we go with the first one;

  1. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS SHAVE JUST AFTER YOU SHOWER: Shaving before shower and after shower when compared actually gives you quite a distinctive result. After a bath, your skin is left soft and smooth which makes shaving quite smooth as the bristles around have been softened by the water and soap you most probably used in showering. Talk about a smooth shave and that would be one after having a shower.
  2. HAIR CONDITIONER IS BETTER ADVISED THAN HAVING TO USE ANY TYPE OF SHAVING LOTION: The work of a conditioner is actually to help keep moist your skin surface instead of having to remove every essence left of the natural oils on your face which a shaving lotion or cream would most likably strip off.
  3. MAKE SURE TO PRUNE YOUR NAILS AFTER A SHOWER: After a bath, your nails get softer from water absorption which makes it quite easy and swift to prune as well as push back the cuticles. In a case where you are not a fan of regular bath, you could go with the option of having to soak your hands and toes in warm water or better still, when you get to wash clothes of plates, you could decide to prune your nails afterwards. The question is, why would you not even bathe in the first instance?
  4. THE PIMPLE POPPING TECHNIQUE: Well, guess we are talking about face crashers and i mean a party of unwanted guests on your face also known as pimples. When popping those unwanted cherries, it is advisable to do so with the help of a clean tissue and also with care. The purpose of the tissue is actually to prevent the spread of the liquid which carries bacterial and also to prevent injury to your face from sharp finger nails if you happen to have one.
  5. SAY NO TO COTTON BUDS, USE OLIVE OIL INSTEAD TO CLEAN YOUR EARS: To be honest with you, cotton buds are not designed for mining of the hollow parts of your ears as they are ear drums destroyers but i know many of Nigerians would disagree with me as they enjoy the feel they get from putting in cotton buds down the passage way of their inner ears while sum even roll up paper and others use thin grass just to get the feel of (you know what i am talking about) orgasm. Olive oil happens to be a better solution and actually works but i doubt if anyone has that patience in Nigeria. Just a few drops in the ears helps lubricates and releases any accumulated wax to fall out on its own.
  6. HANGOVER FACEBAGS: Applying ice on your face helps reduce the hangover feel as well as looks as it has an easy and express remedy in but a few minutes to save you from having to explain yourself to your superior about the previous night.
  7. COVERING UP SHAVING CUTS WITH LIP BALM: Just maybe you happen to have cut yourself while shaving; it is quite easy to have a home treatment for yourself without worry of the absence of a first aid kit in the house. The use of lip balm does the trick. Funny but swiftly true.
  8. GET TO KISS BETTER TRICK: With the use of your toothbrush, after brushing through your teeth, you can actually take out a little time to gently brush your lips to remove any presence of dead cells and also give your lips a fresher and smoother feel whenever you get to kiss anyone.
  9. AIR OR USE A BAR SOAP TO EXPEL SMELLS: For the gentlemen who love the gym and actually have smelly toes after taking of their shoes at the end of a day’s work, the use of bar soaps as well as airing helps to expel the foul smell in no time.
  10. HAIRDRY YOUR SHAVING BLADES: The purpose of using a hairdryer is to help take out any residue of hair hidden in the shaving blades. Accumulated hairs quicken the bluntness of your blades if not properly cleaned hence the introduction of a hairdryer to help blow out deep embedded hairs.
  11. BAD BREATH CARE: The use of minty gums is highly advised but in a case whereby you are out of gums, chowing down a couple of lemons could actually help reduce the large devastative breath when speaking.
  12. MAKING USE OF TWEEZERS AND CLIPPERS: Make use of clippers or tweezers to help trim nose, ear and other rouge hairs around your face to give you a stylish look and not a jungle like look.
  13. THE IMPORTANCE OF VASELINE: The use of Vaseline as regards fragrance is one that many have no idea of. Applying Vaseline on your body before spraying your fragrance helps elongate the scent as Vaseline helps retain scent for a very long period of time.
  14. CHILLED TEABAGS HELPS BEAT SUN BURNS: In a case where you were not able to prevent sun burns firsthand, it is important to know there is a remedy which involves gathering of teabags which you should have frozen prior to usage. Tea bags have the presence of what is known to be tannic acid which is an antidote for sun burns. (See also How to Grow Lustrous Beard Hair Fast)
  15. BABY POWDER, BETTER OFF THAN DRY SHAMPOO: The use of baby powder happens to be a great substitute for the use of dry shampoo instead as not only does it make your hair have a less oily moist feel but also leaves it scenting.

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