Coconut Oil for Beard Growth: Everything You Should Know

coconut oil for beard

It’s been years since having a full and lustrous beard has become a style statement for men. It shows no sign of stopping now.

You probably are interested in a natural, affordable way to grow your beards! Good news! Coconut oil is a major contender when it comes to natural oils that can be used on your beard. However, be you rush to purchase your next bottle of beard oil, let’s take a closer look. That way you can decide if coconut oil is the perfect fit for you!

coconut oil

Coconut oil, like most essential & natural oils, has its pros & cons when used straight without being mixed with anything. First, let’s start with the pros of using coconut oil as a beard oil.

Pros of Using Coconut Oil for Beard

Coconut oil is great for beard growth. This is the reason you see a lot of beard oils have it in their ingredients list. Why is coconut oil such a winner?

  • Moisturizing: If your skin is dry and has lost its moisture. Coconut oil is a great way to hydrate your skin!
  • Prevents Beard Hair damage: Coconut oil strengthens your hair follicles and ensures it doesn’t break easily.
  • It’s conditioning so it ensures that the roots of your facial hair are healthier and softer.

What Type of Coconut Oil Should You Use?

There are majorly 2 types of coconut oil: You will soon find that their are different types of coconut oil in the market. The refined coconut oil & the unrefined coconut oil.

The best oil to use for skin and hair is the unrefined coconut oil. When buying coconut oil, look for oils that say they are cold-pressed, virgin or raw

Cons of Using Coconut Oil for Beard

  • It is a moisturizer but you really don’t get the moisture! : If you have a clean shave, simply rubbing the coconut on your chin can easily get your chin moisturized. However, this is not the case when you have a beard. You need a beard oil that will get to the roots and penetrate the skin the right way. It can contain coconut oil but certainly cannot be the only oil you use
  • Allergies/ Skin Irritation: Though coconut oils can be relatively safe, you may be prone to having breakouts just from using coconut oil. This is especially true as coconut oil comedogenic
  • Coconut Oil Clogs the Skin: Nobody wants a clogged skin.

In conclusion, it is far much more better to use a beard oil than to simply use coconut not oil on your beards! Look for a healthy quality beard oil today!

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