Best Agbada Styles Trending in 2018!

If unique and stylish agbada styles is what you want, here is what you need to know!

The agbada game has being considerably being upped and Nigerian men are indeed not smiling! Their styles are no more regular but show a true realization that style is an important factor of being a  gentle man.

From the embroidery design to even the way the agbada is constructed- there are a loto f exciting designs going on.Take a look at these pictures and learn a thing or two that will help you up your design tricks!

Trendy Agbada Embroidery Styles.

One way agbada styles have been killing it in 2018 is the way emborideries are done. Long gone are the days of boring, regular embroidery that just seems to give full credence to the northern part of Nigeria.Now people are looking outside the country for inspiration.

A good example is the Versace design of agbada- trendy, creative and simple cool.

Versace Agbada

To learn more about Versace Agbadas, read this post 

Latest Agbada Styles in 2018

Another thing to note about Agbada styles in 2018 is the super-cool, ultra modern constructions. Its no longer for you to wear the Agbada over you head like in times past.

Now, you can simply come up with a cool “configuration”.An example is Ebuka’s popular agbada style.This agbada pins in front instead of simply being worn over his headPopular ebuka agbada


Pictures of Agbada Styles

Take a look at these agbada styles you will not see any where else to get some serious style inspiration0colour blocked agbada style

latest agbada style

royal agbada design

tobi bakre in agbada

white gold and brown agbada style


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